List Of Ice Hockey Equipment And Their General Purposes

Ice Hockey Equipments:

Every sport have some equipment to play the game. There are two general purposes for equipments. First is to play game  with easiness, and other is for safety measures. Same goes with the ice hockey. As the name suggest, the game is played on ice. That’s why it got unusual attentions of the critics over its possible dangers. British Columbia Injury Research and Prevention Unit reported ice hockey as the third most dangerous game. Because there are chances of injury and fractures. So equipment is an essential necessity for players of ice hockey.

Besides, equipment also facilitate game play and reduce chances of injury and bruises to minimum. Thus, players can easily play and enjoy game with protected body.

A lot of progress has be done in this regard and advancement is still required for better safety measures.  Different companies and factories are producing ice hockey equipment. These equipments are designed according to sport’s demand and applications.

Skates Of Ice Hockey: The First Requisite To start Game

Skate is the essential part of ice hockey game. Since everything get its start from scratch. That’s why first skate of ice hockey was very simple. It was just a piece of metal that was tied with shoes of the player. The main purpose was easy flow and skating in chasing ball.bootpng

Now in modern era, it got a lot of changes and so molded to fit comfortable with further enhancement in skating. It is incorporated into a shell and get fit into player’s shoes having mold-able capability. Some skates manufacturer also add toe component into it. This feature become hurdle for most of players in high jump during skating.

Some Other Equipment of Ice Hockey are Explained there.

Equipment Of Regular Players Of Ice Hockey:


Our brain is the most precious organ gifted by the nature, so the best of safety is required for brain and other sidewise portions like face and neck.

Therefore helmet do the job of securing our head and thus is wore with a strap with optional face cage. Face cage is mostly used by the goalies for their tougher job in the game.

Different type and size of helmets are available for the easiness of player. It may be loosed or fastened as per desire of player. These are made by the use of various polymers like nylon, which make it comfortable in use.

Neck Guard:

Neck guard or protector is the small padding of nylon plates that is usually hung from goalies neck to safeguard neck fractures and other causality.

Shoulder Pads:

Shoulder pads are also mend for safety of the player. Which are wore on the shoulder with non-compulsory upper arm pad attach to it.

Elbow Pads:

This part of the equipment is regarded as the vital pads. That insure best safety against fracture of elbow. This also covers triceps and forearm as well.

Ice Hockey Jersey:

Resembling NFL jerseys, these are also roughly square for covering shoulder caps. This also include identification of the player and team.

Ice Hockey Gloves:

To prevent thumb and finger bending and fractures, gloves are compulsory to be wore by the players that cover whole of the hand.

Ice Hockey Pants:

Pants of ice hockey are of the size roughly to knee, covering thighs and hips. Which is tight up with a belt tied around the just below lower abdomen.

Jock Straps:

Jock Strap is designed like a cup to secure genital. It can easily fit and covers the part just below the abdomen.


Garters are used to hold and kept tight the socks of players, so that it might not loosen during gameplay.

Ice Hockey Stick:


This is one of the most essential part to be included in ice hockey equipment. These sticks are available in various size, length and material. Most of them are wooden, while other materials are also preferred by the players like graphite. Graphite stick of ice hockey is the most demanded stick which can be played in one or two pieces.

Final Conclusion

These are the equipment used by the players of ice hockey in order to prevent injury and other causalities.


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