Top Ten Richest Ice Hockey Players In World

Richest Ice Hockey Players

Ice Hockey may not be as popular as games like Football or Cricket but surely it has a good fan base in North America and Europe. Highest level of this game is considered to be National Hockey League and players playing in this league earn a lot of fame and money. This is the list of some of the top richest ice hockey players. However, you may want to visit the following link in order to find more about ice hockey.

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10) Jason Spezza:

NHL: New York Islanders at Ottawa Senators

Spezza currently plays for Dallas Stars and is one of the richest professional ice hockey players. His current salary in 2015 was $4 Million. Canadian star Spezza still has a long career ahead of him. His current wealth has been estimated to $55.9 million.

9) Rob Blake:

Rob Blake

Blake was a Canadian professional National Hockey League player who played for approximately 22 years and earned a net worth of $60 million. Currently, he is the assistant manager of Los Angeles Kings.

8) Joseph Steven Sakic:

Joseph Steven Sakic

Often known as Joe Sakic, is another former Canadian professional who reached on the heights of excellence. During his 21 years career, he won many trophies and awards including his place in Hall of Fame. His current worth in $60 million.

7) Nicklas Lidstrom:

Nicklas Lidstrom

Swedish former ice hockey player Nicklas Lidstrom is known to be a legend of the game. He played from 1988 to 2012. His last salary was $6.2 million and according to, the net worth of Nicklas Lidstrom is $60 million.

6) Marian Gaborik:

Marian Gaborik

With the net worth of $64.1 million, Slovakian right winger Marian Gaborik is considered to be sixth rickets ice hockey player at the moment.




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5) Chris Pronger:

Chris Pronger

Chris Pronger has played for Peterborough Petes, Hartford Whalers, St. Louis Blues, Edmonton Oilers, Philadelphia Flyers, and Anaheim Ducks throughout his career and won various awards, medals and trophies. Currently, his net worth is $65 million.

4) Pavel Bure:

Vancouver Canucks  - Toronto Maple Leafs

Bure is a former Russian NHL player who played 702 games in his career and played for 12 seasons for different teams. His net worth is $68 million. Pavel Bure was also famous as “The Russian Rocket”.

3) Joe Thornton:

NHL: MAR 19 Blues at Sharks

Joe Thornton is a Canadian profession who currently plays for San Jose Sharks. His current salary is $6.75 million and is known to be one of the richest ice hockey players. His net worth is estimated to be $70 million.

2) Mario Lemieux:

Mario Lemieux

Mario Lemieux is another former Canadian player who earned a lot of money during his career. He made second into our list with total wealth of $75 million. He played professional hockey from 1984 to 2006.

1) Wayne Gretzky:


According to, the net worth of former Canadian player Wayne Gretzky is estimated to be $200 million. Gretzky made his debut in 1979 and retired from the game in 1999. Later, he also served as head coach and executive director of national hockey team of Canada.

This was the list of top 10 richest ice hockey players. However, there were various other legends who didn’t earn this much money but surely performed exceptionally well during their career. You can inform us about your favorite ice hockey player in the comment section below.

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