Wayne Gretzky Records and Achievements

Wayne Gretzky Records

Wayne Gretzky was a Canadian ice hockey player and coach. His career lasts for twenty years starting in 1979 up till 1999. He performed in twenty NHL seasons, and represented four different teams. Before stepping into professional ice hockey sports, he practiced hard at backyard rink, to develop his skills. He also played Minor hockey.

NHL was very strict in inducting new players. And there were no opportunity for teen agers to be signed for big game. That’s why Wayne signed WHA i.e world hockey associates at the age of seventeen. He scored first goal in fifth game, and within few seconds he scored another one.

In 1979, many teams of WHA joined NHL under merger agreement. Outstanding performances of Wayne in WHA lead him to participate in NHL with great honor and grace. He proved himself by making many records in a short period time of 1981-82 season.

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During 2002 Olympics, Wayne was the executive director of Canadian national ice hockey team. Which brought Gold medal home.

Most Significant Records Of Wayne Gretzkerec

This legendary player has a list of achievements. His entire career is full of records that he made and some are still unbroken. On retirement, he was the holder of sixty one NHL records, forty regular season records, fifteen playoffs and six time all-star records. This all sum up his career records.

He was the first ice hockey player and particularly a Canadian national to have been nominated as “Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year”. Sports illustrated reported him “sportsman of the year 1982” because of his series of records that he made in this season. He was also called newsmaker of the year by the national press of Canada.

Having look at his career, we came to know about some of these significant records.

  • Wayne made a record of most assist in a season, which was previously  held by the Bobby Orr. But this Bobby Orr’s record was broken by the Wayne Gretzky by assisting most goals in his second season.
  • In the same season he also won Art Ross Award with the sum of 164 points at that time. He also won record of most points in a season, lagging behind Phil Esposito with 152 points in one season.
  • He got fame with the achievement of 50 goals in total of 50 games in the season of 1981 and 1982. That surprised the other players. He held this record for more than 35 years. To accomplish the target of 50 goals, he consecutively struck 5 goals against Philadelphia Flyers.
  • The years from 1980 to 1982 was his peak time of success, beating hard opponent and creating new records in every season and championship. In that particular year, he has made record of 92 goals in a season competing Esposito’s 76 goals in a season.
  • At the end of 1981-82 season he made record 92 goals, 212 points and 120 assists.

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How much is Wayne Gretzky Worth:

Wayne’s fans are curious to know about his net worth. Because struggling hard for his team and making a lot records was not so easy. According to analysis by huffingtonpost.ca the net worth of Wayne Gretzky is 220 million dollars.

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