What Is Icing in Hockey – Types Of Icing Hockey

What is icing in hockey

Looking for to know what is icing in hockey? Every sport and game has some rules and regulation. Same goes with the icing hockey.  In general discussion, we will came across icing and offside rule as two major portion of this sport. Here I will explain what is icing in hockey game.

Explanation “what is icing in hockey”


Icing is a rule to prevent the deference, to hit the puck far from his own goal line to the goal line of opponent. Before implementing icing, this game was just hitting puck so hard from one corner of the ground to other. This not only waste lot of time in chasing puck (ball), but also prevent a team from comeback. This strategy was played by any team who once got the lead. However, after the implementation of this rule, Ice hockey became one of most exciting game all over the world, particularly in Canada. Due to which teams play with dodges and grab the puck to hit a goal. In short, we can say that, icing has revolutionized the field hockey. Afterward this tactic is avoided by the teams to prevent penalties by the referee.

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Further Types Of Icing Hockey

There are two mode of this game based on leagues. Though, this rule was first produced by NHL, other leagues also adapted this feature with little bit changes. These are explained below.


This mode is applied in NHL and its affiliates and other major leagues of North America. In this mode when, what is icing in hockey occurred, game does not stop. Rather, it continues and lines man raised his hand to indicate Icing and play stops when opponent team grab the puck. This mode is mostly loved and excited,because of the racing that immediately starts after icing. But this is too dangerous and there lies maximum chances of injury.


This mode is just contrast of traditional Icing. In which play stops immediately after the icing hockey occurring. It is also termed as No-touch Icing. This mode is played in most of international leagues and some of the North American. There are less chances of injury in this type.

Originality Of Icing In Hockey

This rule was created by NHL i.e National Hockey league in 1939. While many other leagues including AHL also implemented this during their gameplay.

Cause Behind This Rule

Before, 1939 when there was not icing rule, the game was unexciting. There was no chance of comeback for the other team who have no goals or have some loopholes in attack. Because the team who scored a goal try to use the above explained tactics to waste the time and energy of opponent. So there arise the need to have some rule in this regard, and icing rule was created and implemented.11

Exceptional Cases For This Rule

There are some exceptions in the case of hitting purk to the opposite goal line. Which are based on different scenarios and situations. For example, when there are more players at penalty box as compare to opposite team players then defense man or any other player can throw the ball directly to second goal. Here icing is not called by the referee. This situation is also some time referred as shorthand. So we can say icing rule differ with different circumstances.

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