The Most Devastating WWE injuries

wwe injuries1

When it comes to dangerous sports, wrestling surely comes in everybody minds. It is not an exaggeration when people term wrestling as one of the dangerous sports in the whole world as various devastating WWE injuries are seen over the years. Few days back, another article listed wrestlers who died during wrestling match. Similarly, this article focuses on some of ...

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Wrestler who change their names

Roman Reigns

Almost every wrestler changes name in professional wrestling. However, this article provides a wrestling names list of those wrestlers which changed their names to most catchy ring names. 10: Scott Steiner: Scott Steiner may seem to be a very decent name for any wrestler but not many people know that he once used “Big Poppa Pump”. Can it get any ...

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List of top 10 richest wrestler in the world of wwe

Dwayne Johnson

Wrestling is not only an entertaining game but it also has a lot of money for good players. This article provides a list of some of the currently richest wrestlers in the world. 10: Mick Foley: Mick Foley is one of the richest wrestlers in the whole world. Along with being a famous and rich wrestler, he also has few ...

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The wrestlers who unfortunately died in the ring


Following is the list of some of the famous wrestlers who died in the ring. 10: Larry Cameron: Larry Cameron was an American professional wrestler who died in 1993 during a match in Germany. He is one of many wrestlers who suffered a heart attack during a match. He died inside the ring. 9: Luther Lindsey: Lindsey is considered to ...

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Most popular WWE wrestlers of all time


Making a list about the most popular wrestlers of all time could be very difficult since different people have different preferences. However, a thorough research was made to make it a better list. 10: Andre the Giant: Definitely he is not the greatest wrestler but still among the most famous ones. Along with his wrestling skills, Andre was also famous ...

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Best online places to buy Ice Hockey equipment.


Ice hockey or simply referred to as “Hockey” is one of the most popular sports in some countries of the world. If the sport is popular in your country or you just want to try it to get a taste of this interesting sport, you may need to buy hockey sticks and some other necessary equipment. In this article, we ...

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Ricky Ponting Carrer Profile

Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting born in 1974 and made his one day international debut in 1995 against South Africa and Test debut against Sri Lanka, Ricky Ponting is known to be one of the classy and finest batsmen world of cricket has ever seen. He is also famous for his aggressive captaincy and helped Australia win 2 ICC World Cups under his ...

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