wwe john cena diet plan

It goes without saying that John Cena is one of the most popular wrestlers of all times. He is not only famous for his great professional skills but he also has a very handsome and charming personality. It is due to this reason that he has millions of fans and admirers throughout the whole world. The fans are often curious ...

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Who is the hottest wwe wrestler ?

One can discuss and debate about professional skills, stamina and records of professional wrestlers. But writing about the hottest WWE wrestler can be one of the most difficult tasks to ever do. The world of wrestling has seen a lot of legends and superstars. While some were great in their skills others also had charismatic personality. Millions of fans throughout ...

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History of Crowd Violence in Cricket Stadiums

Yesterday, October 5, 2015, was never a good day for the game of cricket as violent behavior by some Indian fans made headlines in the mainstream electronic as well as social media. Apparently it was very hard for some Indian fans to digest their defeat. Hundreds of bottles were thrown towards the ground as India was losing the second T20 ...

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Does Mohammad Amir deserve a comeback?

Does Mohammad Amir deserve a comeback? It is undoubtedly one of the most discussed questions among cricket fans. It is not that those from Pakistan support him and those from rival countries are against him or vice versa. Cricket fans from all over the world seem divided in this matter. Mohammad Amir is one of the finest bowlers to ever ...

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The Most Devastating WWE injuries

When it comes to dangerous sports, wrestling surely comes in everybody minds. It is not an exaggeration when people term wrestling as one of the dangerous sports in the whole world as various devastating WWE injuries are seen over the years. Few days back, another article listed wrestlers who died during wrestling match. Similarly, this article focuses on some of ...

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Wrestler who change their names

Roman Reigns

Almost every wrestler changes name in professional wrestling. However, this article provides a wrestling names list of those wrestlers which changed their names to most catchy ring names. 10: Scott Steiner: Scott Steiner may seem to be a very decent name for any wrestler but not many people know that he once used “Big Poppa Pump”. Can it get any ...

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