Superstar SmackDown Asks For His Resignation And Is Granted


Superstar SmackDown: The Superstar Shake-up, the uncertain raffle between Raw and SmackDown, we know only with certainty that Raw will be the most benefited. As you read in:  Superstar Shake-up, New Age Draft, next week on Raw No wonder this type of news, those of Superstars asking for the termination of his contract with WWE. Since, if we consumers think that there are people who ...

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Tye Dillinger Makes Official Debut At SmackDown Live

Tye Dillinger

When Curt Hawkins launched his promo where he demanded attention and therefore opened a challenge to anyone in the dressing room, we knew someone new would come. SmackDown Live April 4, 2017   Eye to detail: What’s next for Tye Dillinger? Tye Dillinger’s anecdote: Tye Dillinger ‘s great gesture with NXT fans   Tye Dillinger accepted the challenge . In ...

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Top 10 – The Best Moments Of SmackDown Live

SmackDown Top 10 Moment

Following a successful WrestleMania, the first SmackDown Live post-WrestleMania took place on Tuesday, April 4 . The blue show was finally able to count on the unpredictability of the live broadcast to bring surprises in a week where the eyes of the world are on WWE. Now the company shares us through its official YouTube channel which, according to its ...

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Uses Mention By Accident a Forbidden Name In WWE (In Talking SmackDown)

CM Punk

Talking Smack is an interesting format to complement SmackDown, here you feel more verbal freedom of the fighters over their characters, giving the sense of legitimacy when they talk, but what happens when you relax a lot and you name the competition? Not only in WWE commentators are forbidden to name certain companies, terms or expressions, also fighters cannot talk ...

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Video: The Undertaker Is Applauded Behind The Scenes After WrestleMania 33

Undertaker Fight 2017

From all points of view, WrestleMania 33 was a historic event. And although there are a few annoying fans with the result, The Undertaker made his withdrawal from the ring after being defeated by Roman Reigns , in an unforgettable closure for the Showcase of the Immortals. The show of respect for the legendary career of the Headman did not wait, and the Thank You Taker until was ...

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Shelton Benjamin is recovered – He Appear In WrestleMania 33?

Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin: When it became known that the brand division would return , WWE set out to rehire a handful of wrestlers to complement Raw’s cast and especially SmackDown . And it was just in the first episode of the blue mark after the draft that it was announced the return of one of the most agile and undervalued superstars of the company: Shelton Benjamin. Shelton Benjamin Return – WrestleMania 33 After ...

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WWE WrestleMania 33 (Coverage And Results) – Roman Reigns Removes The Undertaker! – The Hardy Boyz Are Back! – Brock Lesnar And Randy Orton Are Crowned!

WrestleMania 33

WWE presents its biggest show of the year, WrestleMania 33, a show where entertainment is the main protagonist. Fans from all over the world have gathered to enjoy a huge poster with attractions for all tastes. Goldberg and Brock Lesnar will end their rivalry with a final duel for the World Championship. The psychological and supernatural war between Randy Orton and Bray ...

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