Buff Bagwell: “The Three-hour Nitros started The End Of WCW”

Buff Bagwell

When WCW Monday Nitro was winning the WWE Monday Night War, Ted Turner’s company decided to create another weekly show called Thunder, which aired Thursday. With this, WCW added eight hours of fighting a week, adding two hours of Thunder to three of Nitro and two of Saturday Night and Worldwide. Was this saturation that led to the fall of ...

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Rumor Of The Corridor: Theory On The Exchanges Of This Year


In the last edition of the PPV Money in the Bank Baron Corbin and Carmella won their respective struggles to become creditors of the contract Money in The Bank, then, as is usual there is a lot of expectation in when they will exchange said briefcases. Today we bring you the hypothesis that Justin Barraso shaped in a recent article ...

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Randy Orton Mocks The Situation Of Brock Lesnar With UFC

Randy Orton

The return of Brock Lesnar to the UFC is a real possibility , and it is Jon Jones the most played opponent for that match that would face the WWE Universal Champion with UFC World Heavyweight Champion. And what do WWE full-time fighters think about it ? It is Randy Orton , who has never had a problem in expressing ...

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Eva Marie Announces Her WWE Release

Eva Marie's

Newsflash: After many months of rumors, the beautiful Eva Marie has just announced that, in conjunction with WWE have decided to part ways and release the contract to the now model and actress. This was announced by Natalia Eva Marie, a 32-year-old American of Mexican and Italian ancestry through the official Facebook of her character in WWE: “Today is a ...

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Ric Flair Mentions His Four Current Favorite Fighters

favorite fighters

While SUCCESSFUL supporters opted for The Undertaker under a poll last year , Ric Flair has long been considered the best wrestler in WWE history. And its devotees have a date on November 7 when ESPN releases a documentary about “The Nature Boy” in its series 30 for 30, dedicated to the best sports stories of the last 30 years. ...

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Dolph Ziggler’s Brother Awaiting Sentencing For Homicide

Dolph Ziggler

Today is a month since WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler has not reappeared on WWE TV programming and the reason is because he is on a leave of absence to a delicate personal situation that is happening. And, as we reported here in SUPER STRUGGLES , the 30-year-old’s younger brother, Donald Nemeth , is currently on a jail home loan and ...

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