WWE Fired NXT star

Former WWE

WWE continues with its budget cut, remember that the promotion has decided to remove the fireworks and some shows of WWE Network to obtain margin of profit. However, it appears that the company has made the decision to start firing part of its cast of fighters, and the first of them comes from NXT and the CWC. The WrestlingInc portal ...

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What Are The situations Of Chris Jericho And The Great Khali?

Chris Jericho

Durante el último par de semanas dos importantes regresos tuvieron lugar en la WWE, concretamente en la marca SmackDown. Uno de ellos fue el del monstruoso The Great Khali, la gigante ex Superestrella que abandonó la compañía en 2015 tras unos últimos años para el olvido. Sin embargo, su retorno durante el estelar de WWE Battleground el pasado 23 de ...

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Aleister Black Vs. Hideo Itami To NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III

Aleister Black Vs. Hideo Itami

NXT has found a new batch of talents that is regaining the pulse of the best years of the brand . Again, after a season that experienced a downturn in every aspect, fighters like Drew McIntyre , Nikki Cross or Roderick Strong paint a very encouraging picture for the future of the yellow show. But if anyone looks every Wednesday ...

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Buff Bagwell: “The Three-hour Nitros started The End Of WCW”

Buff Bagwell

When WCW Monday Nitro was winning the WWE Monday Night War, Ted Turner’s company decided to create another weekly show called Thunder, which aired Thursday. With this, WCW added eight hours of fighting a week, adding two hours of Thunder to three of Nitro and two of Saturday Night and Worldwide. Was this saturation that led to the fall of ...

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Rumor Of The Corridor: Theory On The Exchanges Of This Year


In the last edition of the PPV Money in the Bank Baron Corbin and Carmella won their respective struggles to become creditors of the contract Money in The Bank, then, as is usual there is a lot of expectation in when they will exchange said briefcases. Today we bring you the hypothesis that Justin Barraso shaped in a recent article ...

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