Sebastian Vettel To Ferrari?

Vettel to Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel : The announcement of the withdrawal of Nico Rosberg after winning his first and only world of Formula 1 has sparked endless speculation . The most coveted seat on the grid was available without warning, and all pilots have evaluated the situation in the quest to get hold of him, And among all, a team that these days have been especially bad, the ...

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Nico Rosberg Takes Philosophy With His Bad Luck

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg made it to Formula 1 in 2010 as one of the great future stars, after winning almost everything in his ascent to Formula 1. Nico Rosberg was a winner of the German Formula BMW, A1-GP, F3 Euro series and GP2 as a debutant in a space of just five years, sufficient reasons for Williams to trust the German and give him ...

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Urgent Buyer For Manor Racing

Manor Racing

The British team could soon be swallowing an excessive long list of teams that have been forced to disappear from Formula 1 due to economic problems. Manor Racing Manor Racing: Every minute that passes without Manor Racing F1 finding a buyer or an investor plays against him. The British team has entered into a competition of creditors at a very delicate time, the ...

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Historical Numbers And Records Of The 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix

Brazilian Grand Prix

Grand Prix: For being the first race in which we see two consecutive red flags without action of means, with the car of security in track; To see a performance under the memorable rain; To see the youngest fastest lap in history; To see the first driver to win on 24 different circuits in F1; By the emotional farewell of Felipe Massa before his ...

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Ferrari Charge Against Mercedes And Red Bull For Active Suspensions

Red Bull For Active Suspensions

The Italians would have wanted to imitate this technique without success. The first polemic of the season that already gave to speak earlier this month, has not yet been resolved in a consensual way. The legality of active suspensions remains in doubt for some of the teams. Mercedes and Red Bull Mercedes and Red Bull in their suspensions , and after the failed attempt ...

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A New Promise for McLaren: Who is Lando Norris?

Lando Norris

Lando Norris: The British driver often officially becomes a member of the McLaren young drivers program, although he had already been supported by the manufacturer. McLaren’s Young Drivers McLaren’s young drivers program has a new member, the British Lando Norris , an out-of-kart in the Karting called to do great things in motorsports. Born in 1999, Lando Norris had a sporting career in his ...

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Historic Numbers And Records Of The United States Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton celebrated

F1 Stats: Just a year ago, Lewis Hamilton celebrated with a masterly race his third world title here. A year later, he has burned another bullet to get closer to his teammate Nico Rosberg, who has the fingers of a hand the races that are missing with a margin greater than one of them. Daniel Ricciardo, who has become the alternative to ...

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