Kane Has Reacted To The Undertaker’s Loss to Roman Reigns

Kane Reaction

Since last November, the Great Red Machine, Kane has been away from the WWE screens, originally was given time to attend to old injuries in his body with more than 25 years of career.  Undertaker’s loss at WrestleMania 33 – Kane Reaction Time that also took advantage to advise to the new generation of fighters of the company, especially to Baron Corbin. However ...

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Randy Orton Reveals His Biggest Annoyance With WrestleMania 33

Randy Orton

After one of the most interesting rivalries, and arguably the longest, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt were in duty at WrestleMania 33 with an apathetic encounter that was more focused on special effects than on the action in the ring. However, the disappointing fight he had with the Devourer of Worlds was not what bothered the current WWE Champion. Randy Orton Wrestlemania 33 ...

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Finn Balor Injured Again

Finn Balor Injured

The Demon Finn Balor is one of the most important projects that WWE had in recent years, and its absence was noticeable enough when it dislocated the shoulder in Summer Slam 2016 before Seth Rollins , reason why it was expected that the promotion had great plans for The former Bullet Club now that he returned. Finn Balor Injured But according to PW Insider , ...

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The Hardys Return To The Independent Circuit

WWE The Hardys Return

The appearance and coronation of brothers Jeff and Matt Hardy to WrestleMania 33 was one of the most epic moments of the evening of Sunday 2 April. For all seemed to indicate that the brothers would not return in the short term to Vince McMahon’s company. Jeff Hardy WWE After the boil of the return it was learned that the Hardyz ...

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WrestleMania 33: The True End Of An Era

Undertaker Wrestlemania

Undertaker Wrestlemania 33: The sequels continue to follow the epilogue of WrestleMania 33. One that many, including a server, thought it would not happen. Basically, because Roman Reigns did not have the legitimacy to be the last rival of The Undertaker. Maybe we just meet in terms of WM, since Taker himself said that the “Show Show” would no longer define his career. But with the passing of ...

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Superstar SmackDown Asks For His Resignation And Is Granted


Superstar SmackDown: The Superstar Shake-up, the uncertain raffle between Raw and SmackDown, we know only with certainty that Raw will be the most benefited. As you read in:  Superstar Shake-up, New Age Draft, next week on Raw No wonder this type of news, those of Superstars asking for the termination of his contract with WWE. Since, if we consumers think that there are people who ...

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Tye Dillinger Makes Official Debut At SmackDown Live

Tye Dillinger

When Curt Hawkins launched his promo where he demanded attention and therefore opened a challenge to anyone in the dressing room, we knew someone new would come. SmackDown Live April 4, 2017   Eye to detail: What’s next for Tye Dillinger? Tye Dillinger’s anecdote: Tye Dillinger ‘s great gesture with NXT fans   Tye Dillinger accepted the challenge . In ...

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