The 10 Great Forgotten Superstars Of Attitude Era

Attitude Era

The Attitude Era was probably the most favored Attitude Era in the history of Pro Wrestling (I personally much prefer the Ruthless Agression). In this Attitude Era we could see the rivalry between WCW and WWE in its greatest splendor, and characters that left an indelible mark as Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley, The Ministry Of Darkness and Triple H. However, there ...

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Sebastian Vettel: “I knew I Had To Pass Him At His Stop”

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel gets the first race of the new era of Formula 1. The German who started second on the grid managed to overtake Lewis Hamilton at his stop, which was very atypical and came behind Verstappen, which allowed Ferrari to cut Seconds before making his own and getting ahead of the Brit. Sebastian Vettel Formula 1 “It was a ...

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McLaren Options With The Different Drivers: Mercedes or Ferrari?


Shady times for McLaren, and unfortunately and not news. The team has not lifted its head since the hybrid era of Formula 1 began. After a first year with power unit Mercedes or Ferrari, the driver that offered the most performance, they became the team that had worse results, when they decided to change the Relationship with Mercedes or Ferrari by Honda, who wanted ...

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The WWE Survivor Series 2016

Survivor Series

EWSY Quidditch Fights for the WWE Survivor Series 2016 Event . We return to a classic WWE Survivor Series event with team elimination bouts. As it should have always been. Survivor Series 2016 – Brock Lesnar Vs Goldberg – Will we watch Lesnar lose in the end? Is Goldberg his kryptonite or will he finally have revenge? Whatever it is, let’s hope the bout does not disappoint … in excess. – 20 points. – Team ...

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Sebastian Vettel To Ferrari?

Vettel to Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel : The announcement of the withdrawal of Nico Rosberg after winning his first and only world of Formula 1 has sparked endless speculation . The most coveted seat on the grid was available without warning, and all pilots have evaluated the situation in the quest to get hold of him, And among all, a team that these days have been especially bad, the ...

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Nico Rosberg Takes Philosophy With His Bad Luck

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg made it to Formula 1 in 2010 as one of the great future stars, after winning almost everything in his ascent to Formula 1. Nico Rosberg was a winner of the German Formula BMW, A1-GP, F3 Euro series and GP2 as a debutant in a space of just five years, sufficient reasons for Williams to trust the German and give him ...

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