The 10 moments of Honda in Formula 1 – Honda F1 Engine

Honda enters F1

Honda in Formula 1: Now that the Japanese are the ‘official culprits’ of McLaren’s poor results, we have reviewed the 10 moments of love-hate with Honda in Formula 1 throughout its almost 50 years in the history of this competition. “It’s Honda’s fault.” And, whether this is a mathematic expression or not, it seems that more and more voices coincide in blaming ...

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The 5 Most Spectacular F1 Accidents – Formula 1 Accident

Formula 1 accident: We remember the 5 most spectacular Formula 1 accident in 2016. From Fernando Alonso in Australia to Hamilton and Rosberg in Barcelona and Kimi Räikkönen in Brazil … do not miss the videos and pictures! The 2016 Formula 1 season has left countless overtaking maneuvers, spectacular moves, statements, victories, defeats … and Formula 1 accidents . Despite being the most bitter, dangerous and ...

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Nico Rosberg Revolutionizes Formula 1

Nico Rosberg Formula 1

German Nico Rosberg announced last Friday its final and firm withdrawal from Formula 1 . The news came just five days after he claimed championship title for the first time in his career, relieving team-mate Lewis Hamilton, who has also been his main rival this season. German Nico Rosberg Nico Rosberg was convinced of its decision and, in a video ...

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UFC Introduced New Rules 2017 – UFC Rules

UFC Rules

UFC Rules: This 2017 UFC brings new rules for the rest of the year. These are new actions that were previously lacking, others are new ways of qualifying for judges. Thus, the responsibility of the coaches will let their pupils the changes that MMA presented from next event. UFC Rules The official website of UFC announced that are 6 new UFC ...

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IIHF World Juniors 2017 – IIHF World Juniors

IIHF World Juniors 2017

IIHF World Juniors: The decisive phase began in qualifying in the World Junior Championship 2017 where they failed to fail any of the favorites, although the USA had to suffer much more than expected to surpass its rival. In the tie for the stay Finland did not give rise to more surprises. IIHF World Juniors Denmark 0 – 4 Russia Despite finishing ...

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Spain Beat Serbia In Ice Hockey – Ice Hockey Match

Ice Hockey Match: The Spanish Ice Hockey Team has beaten the Serbian Team, in a very tough match at the Under-20 Ice Hockey World Championship, held in Logroño. Ice Hockey Match At 20 o’clock sharp, one of the most important matches in the Sub-20 Ice Hockey World Championship for the Spanish National Team, Serbia. The party started with the typical ...

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Ice Hockey: History – Rules – Playgrounds – Implements

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey: History, Rules, Playgrounds, Implements: The hockey is a family of sports in which two teams compete to take a hard ball or a rubber disc to the opposing goal to score a goal with the help of a long stick called stick. Although several forms (inline skates, underwater …), I will focus, in this work, there are three major ice on skates and ...

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