Top Ten Richest Ice Hockey Players In World


Richest Ice Hockey Players Ice Hockey may not be as popular as games like Football or Cricket but surely it has a good fan base in North America and Europe. Highest level of this game is considered to be National Hockey League and players playing in this league earn a lot of fame and money. This is the list of ...

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Top 10 Batsmen In T20 Cricket

Shahid Afridi

T20 is the latest format of cricket and its history is not older than a decade. However, the format has attained immense popularity among all the cricket fans. Not only this but it also helped to increase the overall fan base of the game. At one hand, batsmen well-established in other formats were compelled to change their game in order ...

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Top 10 fastest bowlers in the world 2015

Wahab Riaz

Table Of Content [TOC] Introduction A game of cricket can’t be a complete entertainment package unless some fast bowling is involved in it. World of cricket has seen a lot of great fast bowlers who surprised fans with their sheer pace and skills to swing cricket ball. However, fast-paced cricket seems to have shortened the career of most fast bowlers but ...

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Top ten greatest batsmen in the world

AB De Villiers

Table OF Content  [TOC] World of cricket has seen dozens of great batsmen throughout the history of the game. These batsmen scored tons of runs and entertained cricket fans. It may be difficult to rank most of these batsmen in terms of greatness as all of them had their class and showed brilliance in the field but still there are ...

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Top ten unbreakable records in Football history

Australia scored 31 goals against American Samoa

Table Of Content [TOC] Association football (or American Soccer) is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the whole world today. It has a long history which can be traced back to the ancient times. Present form of European football is the result of continuous evolution which continued to happen throughout the history. Today, there are approximately 3.5 billion fans of ...

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Complete History of Football


Table of Content [TOC] History of Football Introduction: Football is the most famous sport in the whole world. It is popular is almost all parts of the world; however it may have different names in different locations. The real name of the sport is ‘Association Football’ and it is often simply known as Football. In the United States, however, the ...

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Top ten Baseball Teams Of All Time

baseball glove on green lawn facebook timeline cover 849 X 312 Baseball,glove,green,lawn

[TOC] Being the national game of United States, Baseball is mostly played in United States. While the rest of world has also its interest in the game, especially many European teams are taking part in the baseball sports events and competition. Here is the list of top ten teams of baseball that are ranked according to their performances. Top Ten ...

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