Most Memorable and Greatest Matches in WWE History

Greatest matches in WWE

In history of WWE, there are endless unforgettable matches are played in the ring. These matches can be greatest because of the wrestlers involved in it, specific story it is linked to and historical significance.Here is the list of most memorable and greatest matches in WWE history. Shawn Michaels Vs. The Undertaker: This match was played at wrestlemania XXV in ...

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The Dominating Muscles used in Wrestling

Muscles used in wrestling

As we all know wrestling is one of the entertaining but brutal and aggressive. To get win or to pint your opponent wrestler you must have knowledge of various tricks and various strategies to make your opponent fall in the ring. So body workout is one of the most important things for a wrestler. A wrestler’s muscles demand heavy neck ...

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The Most Violent Matches in WWE History

Most Violent Matches in WWE History

In the advanced and progressive era of the WWE it may often feel that wrestling has lost its extremism and severity. We can still watch fantastic shows played between highly experienced and qualified wrestlers.In most recent times old sense and feel of thread and risk have been significantly diminished.In 2000, wrestling fans suddenly feel that there is lack of blood ...

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Who Has Won More Matches between John Cena Vs The Rock

John Cena And The Rock

John Cena is among those wrestler who have won most WWE championships. And The Rock is also well known wrestler. They have played several fights. John Cena Vs The Rock Recently in WrestleMania 29, John Cena Vs The Rock wwe.The Rock who was WWE champion played a match versus John Cena. A long match was played among two best wrestlers. ...

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Wrestler who won most WWE championships

John Cena in WWE

As we all know being a WWE champion is ultimate life goal of any wrestler. From time to time wrestlers are ranked based on number of WWE title they have been awarded with. In WWE, there are some well known names like The Rock, Randy Orton, Edge, Triple H, The Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold but the wrestler who won most ...

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Wrestler Who Won Most Matches in WWE History

The ultimate Warrior

In WWE history, there is long list of wrestlers who have played incredible and memorable matches for their fans. This list includes Tugboat/Typhoon, Lex Luger and Adrian Neville with winning percentage 87.6. But the winner of this list is The Ultimate Warrior with winning percentage 89.3%. He is one among wrestlers who won the most matches in WWE history. The ...

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Black Legends of All Time in WWE


Earlier People noticed that WWE was reluctant to give chances to black people in the domain of wrestling, but list of black legends of all time in WWE has proven that this is not the case. Ron Simmons: His birth name was Ronald Simmons. He was born in 1958 in Perry, Georgia United State. He was known by lots of ...

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