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Everyone loves to play football. Football is the game which is played in nearly every country in the world. The craze for football takes people to play the game at computer, play station consoles and online. Yes! Now you can also play free football games online without installing them in your PC. All you need is just a good internet connection and you are good to go. Since 1998 after the launch of football games by EA sports, the craze for football has increased on the internet. If you want to play free online football games then we have got some of the best football games to play online.

Soccer Manager


Also known as one of the best football games over the internet, soccer manager is a highly addictive game that allows you to choose your favorite football club and play against different players around the world. One of the best features of the game lies in its mechanics, it is designed very accurately and the movement of the players and their response is very good. Soccer manager is one of the best games to play online for free.

Visit Here to play soccer manager.



Hattrick is one of the oldest available football games over the internet. Development team of hattrick is celebrating 10 years of their existence over the internet and they have nearly 10 million numbers of registered players over the internet registered to play hattrick regularly. So if you are looking for the game which is easy to play without any large paged instructions, so hattrick is one of those games you will love to spend time on. Game design and mechanics is very good. On the other hand it is available in 44 different versions. The players get access to number of top clubs in the world. Players can also organize tournaments online with other players and win rewards.

Visit Here to play Hattrick.

Power Soccer


Power Soccer is one of those online football games which you will love to play. Power Soccer is Java based which works best on PC having a good internet connection. Make sure you play the game on Windows 7 or Windows XP rather than Mac, because with Mac it has some issues. Once you play this game you will continue play it till the next morning. Overall game is designed very well and you will feel as you playing in real ground.

Visit to play Power Soccer.

Football Superstars


Football Superstars is one of the most famous and virtual online football games available over the internet. Football Superstars is designed keeping in view what football fans want in a real football game. One of the most addicting modes of this game is multiplayer mode which you will love to play.

Click Here to play Superstars.



This is one of the most famous games played by millions of people around the world. I AM PLAYR witness the first hand game play offering training, match day and other interesting modes. Games give you the feeling as if you really in the dressing room of a football ground. Play it just one time and experience the fun yourself.

Visit to play I AM PLAYR.


So these are some of the best online football games which will give you a true gaming experience online. To play online games just make sure you have constant and working internet connection.

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