How Much David Beckham-Footballer Net Worth Is

David Beckham Net Worth

David Beckham born in 1975, and belongs to England. He was a legendary player of his time and represented many teams/club like Milan , Manchester United, Real Madrid, Preston North End, and one or two others.
He also played for England National team and was the first among other players of four countries, England, Spain, the United States and France, to win league title.

His career got awesome start from Manchester united, where performed his first debut at the young age of seventeen. He won Premier League title 6 time from behalf of MU.

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He also had four of his season with Real Madrid. David was the player of Real Madrid, when their team won La Liga championship.

He was the asset for England team, that’s why earned the captaincy of England national team for a period of 6 years. During his career with national team, he won 58 Caps.

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How Much David Beckham Actual Net Worth Is:

Being a popular and professional player of the football, people are curious to know about his real net worth. David is nominated among the richest athletes, more specifically as a soccer player.

Currently, he is a retired man of 40. And still now “he worth a net of 350 Million Dollars”.

Vector Beckham Net Worth:

David Beckham married English Singer and spice girl named Victoria Adams.This celebrity couple is the most notable couple among Britians. David’s wife being a fashion designer has a sum of 300 Million dollars Worth. That is almost the same as his husband’s worth.

Why David Beckham has so much Worth:

His source of income is Endorsement Deals and football.Due to his outstanding performances in all of his leagues, he become a sportsman of greater interest and value by the franchise holders. During all of his career he came upto the expectations of team owner and managers. This brought him to the stage of being a popular and richest celebrity as well.

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According to a report by, David Beckham’s have  annual Paris Saint-Germain salary of about 50 Million Dollars.

He joined LA Galaxy with the agreement of 32.5 Million Dollars, for time time period lasting over five years. Upon acting the contract, he resigned from Real Madrid in 2007. While in 2004 he was named as the most expensive player of soccer.

As far as endorsement deals are concerned, he earn a total of 42 Million Dollars Iin just one year of 2013. In the same year he got Paris-Saint Germain Salary of worth 5 Millions.

Some Major Achievements Of David Beckham In Football Career22

He was a professional player of football, and will be remembered in history of soccer due to his prominent performances and achievements that he had acquired in all of his tenure.

He led England national team 59 times as a captain. This figure is crossed by just four captains of the team. He got membership of Football’s exclusive club for his free kick goal against Ecuador. In 2006 W.C. He also held record of being outfield player, that was an appearance record.

He was the first English national to score three time in FIFA world cups.

He scored Goals two time by “free direct kick”. For this record, he stand 5th in the whole world.


Having glance over his awards, you will come to know that he was honourd  with two awards in 2013-14. First one was Choice Male Athlete and other was Legend Award.

Final Conclusion About David’s Worth:

Like others, he also get humble start of his career. Having not too much wealth, which would named him among the richest soccer player. As his career grew, his worth increased tremendously. From time to time he got different offers. Having commencing career in 1992, no one had ever speculated the young man of 17 will be the most highly paid football player of the year 2004.

This give us lesson of hard work, and motivates the new athletes to do more and more in their respective interest.

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