Monday Night Football in USA and Canada

Monday Night Football

Monday Night football is one of live broadcast in USA and Canada for the National football league which is shown on ESPN channel. From the year 1970 football leagues were shown on ABC channel till 2005. After that transmission was broadcasted on ESPN channel. After that it was rated as one of the longest prime transmission and soon it became popular among male population of USA and Canada.


Monday night football can now be seen on RDS and TSN system in America and Canada while for rest of Europe the can see it live on ESPN. In the year 2013 NFL community announced that they will show live games for the season 2013-14 on Monday night. Presently, ESPN has extended its contact with ESPN to show the game for eight seasons.

Besides the television Monday night football has also been broadcasted on radio networks around USA and Canada. The mutual radio system and CBS radio have been broadcasting Monday night football since 1980. Along with these major broadcasting radio networks, there are other small radio stations which broadcast NFL Monday night on regular basis.

Monday night football has been rated highest among the television networks in the history. One of the highest rated telecasts on ABC channel was the match between Miami Dolphins with Chicago Bears on December 2, 1985. In this Miami defeated Chicago and Monday night football got rating of 29.6 and a share of 46. In the year 1995-6, Monday night football got average rating of 17.1 in term of household programs. On the other hand the same competitor program named Murphy Brew got rating of 12. The highest rated program on Monday night football on ESPN and in the history of US Cable television was Minnesota Vikings victory against Green Bay Packers on October 5, 2009. In this match Vikings got lead by 30-23 and the program got a rating of 15.3.

The third season of Monday night football was the most memorable season in the history of ESPN in 2008. It was also one of the most viewed seasons in the history of USA. In 2008, Monday night football was among the top third mostly viewed programs in USA and Canada. In the same, Monday night football has been registered as the top seven TV programs which had a large number of household audiences in the USA and Canada.

One of the most appearing franchises in Monday night football is Miami dolphins against Dallas Cowboys, Broncos against Raiders, Cowboys against Redskins and Dolphins against Jet. Most of the games are broadcasted from Candlestick Park and Sun life stadium.

Monday Night Football has continued to provide entertainment to the people of USA and Canada from a very long time. Despite the advanced camera’s, the show has also introduced number of new broadcasting technologies such as slow motion camera and computerized graphical interface to make show more fun to watch. People in America and USA don’t prefer any other program over the Monday night football. Indeed this is the only program in the history of sports that launches each and every single update related to NFL and its players.

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