Most Expensive Players in Football History

Expensive Players in Football

Soccer is known to produce high revenue to a country than any other game in the world. More than $250 million is given to the players of football by their respective sponsors. Players of football are known to be the highest paid players in the world than any other sports. Football is the game which is known to be at the top of highest paid games around the globe. So we will discuss with you some legends of football who have earned the title to be the most expensive players in the history of football.

David Beckham

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Every one of you would be well familiar with David Beckham who was one of the shining stars from England. He represented the Los Angeles Galaxy and was one of the top paid football players in the history. Beckham have an estimated net income of $46 million from famous sponsors such as adidas, Samsung etc. David Beckham was indeed the highest paid Athletes in the world.

Christiano Ronaldo


One of the shining stars of times favorite club Real-Madrid and most favorite player around the world Christiano Ronaldo stands at the second place as the most expensive players in the world. Ronaldo have more than 3 million of followers on Twitter and nearly 8 million fans on Facebook. Christiano Ronaldo is known to be the fastest player to shoot 100 goals in La Liga. Ronaldo has an estimated income of $42 million from famous sponsors like Nike, Castrol and other international sponsors.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi (L), Bruno Alves (R)

One of the favorite stars of FIFA World Cup 2014, Lionel Messi stands at the third place in our listings of most expensive players in the history of Soccer. He is the striker from famous club Barcelona. Messi is the first player to score five goals in the history of Champions League. Messi is sponsored by world’s top sponsors like Pepsi, Adidas, EA sports games. Sponsors contribute him $19 million while his salary and bonus is nearly $20 million. Total he has an estimated income of $39 million.

Wayne Rooney

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One of the most favorite player of the world and famous star of Manchester Untied Rooney stands at the fourth place in our most expensive soccer players listing. Rooney is promoted by famous sponsors like Nike and EA Sports who give him a lot of promotion and contribution. Rooney has one of the highest bonus and salary structure in Manchester United. Rooney has an estimated net income of $24 million. In Premier League, Rooney has the highest sold jersey in the history ever.


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Brazilian star Kaka represents the famous Real Madrid club and is one of the emerging stars in the history of football. Just like other famous stars, Kaka is also sponsored by top national companies like EA Sports and Nike. Kaka stands a fifth place as the most expensive players in football history with an income of $21 million.

So these are some of the most expensive players in the history of football. From viewing the list you may see that most of the players belong to Real Madrid which is one of the expensive clubs in world of football.

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