Most Funny Red Cards In Football History

Most Funny Red Cards  In Football History

Football or Soccer is among the most watched and played games in the whole world. Most people know that red card can be issued to any player who violates rules of game and it is normal for referees in football to issue red cards. However, sometimes red cards are issued at the most intense moment of the game or issued unjustly and such incidents usually remain engraved in the minds of fans. Here is the list of 5 funny incidents when different players were issued with red card. (Note: Some incidents won’t actually be funny for some fans due to obvious reasons).

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1-The incident of Zinedine Zidane is perhaps the most famous red card incident and no real football fan can ever forget it. It was the biggest match of the four years and one such match that even the finest players can only dream of. Zidane was considered to be the best player present on the ground and fans believed that he would rescue his team and win the world cup final for them. Accounts differ but Marco Materazzi said something abusive to Zidane and he couldn’t resist kicking opponent in the chest with his head. It wasn’t a very good sight for fans as red card was obvious. However, neutral football fans surely enjoyed the scenes.


2-The moment when Paolo Di Canio was sent back to the dressing room during a match against Arsenal is among the classic premier league moments. The red card against Di Canio in a 1998 match was justified but the real fun started when Di Canio lost his temper and decided to push the referee, who fell down by the push. The whole incident left fans laughing and amused.2

3Before reading the further lines, think yourself that what would be the minimum duration before a player could be sent back by the referee. You’d be surely surprised to know that Lee Todd holds the record of being issued red card within the two seconds of the game. Todd was playing for Cross Park Farm Celtic in a match against the Taunton East Reach Wanderers in the year 2000. What happened was that Todd was heard saying “F*** me, that was loud” on reply to loud whistle of the referee. The referee issued red card to him for abusive language on the spot. Lee Todd might not have enjoyed playing for two seconds but it was surely an interesting scene for the football fans as they had witnessed the weirdest as well as the quickest red card incident in the history of the game.3

4-In a match of Barcelona V Arsenal, Robin Van Persie was issued with one of the most controversial red card in the game’s history. There was an intensive debate between the referee, Arsene Wenger, and Van persie as Van persie argued that he didn’t hear the referee’s whistle and shot the ball.4

5-One of the funniest but foolish incident happened in Britannia Stadium during the Europa League, when Yoav Ziv tried to lash his removed boot in the linesman’ direction as he didn’t receive the free-kick. But guess what, he received a red card.

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