Top Football Academies In The World

Football is the most played and famous sport all over the world. Football is played with great passion and interest in almost all the countries. Football players are the ideal personalities for their fans, who always copy their football heroes in hair styles, fashion and attitude. This give an idea about worldwide well-known and prominent sport.

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Top Football Academies In The World:

Academies are established in each and every country to bring forward the most talented and deserving new blood in front of the people. These academies provide training, and guide them in best way to utilize their skills. Thus, ensure the involvement of new generation in football. This not only give opportunity to the players, but also polish their skills. So that they may be able to outshine the opponent at every football ground.

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Having glance over academies in the world, we will come to know about that there are few best and top academies. Some of them are listed below in respective order.


Futbol Club Barcelona, shortly written as the FCB is the first among all the academies of the world. This academy is situated in Spain, which was founded 1979. The credit for establishment of such a number one academy goes to former couch Johan Cruyff. He was also a manager of the FCB in 1988 and trained a dream team of his desire. Ajax was the idea behind launching Barcelona Club.

Recent success is the winning of recent notable UEFA Youth League by the under 19-Barcelona team.

FCB is conducting its camps all in all the demanding countries. Recent camp was in India. Which was also effective as like the other previous camps.

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Ajax (Dutch Club):ajax

Amsterdamsche is the Football Club of Netherlands, shortly termed as Ajax. It is ranked second overall the world, while it is the utmost and best academy of Netherland. It is also one of the old club, established in 1900, which has maintained its reputation, right from the beginning. It was the 7th most prominent club of the world.

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Ajax got popularity due to its youth program. The club inducted the young blood in the academy and trained them to the expert level. A lot of legends were produced by this program.

Ajax has also established its satellite camp in America, training their youth for their betterment. Now it has expanded their area upto Africa and other countries.

In 2012 Ajax launched Women club, with the name Ajax Women. One of the recent success of the women team of Ajax was the victory of KNVB Women’s Cup. This add more fame to the club, fetching international players in the academy.

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Sporting Clube de Portugal:sporting

Shortly pronounced as SCP, the club of Portugal is based in Lisbon. This academy of the football is counted among the top three clubs in the world. SCP was was founded in 1908, and currently running under the presidency of Bruno de Carvalho. Jorge Jesus is the couch of the club, struggling hard for its best outcome.

Names of the diamond, which were yield by the SCP are Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo, Nani, Ricardo Quaresma, Joao Moutinho. There are some other efficient players, which were also trained by the club.

Like Ajax, SCP is also training the youth to refine their skills. SCP camp based in Alcochete is regarded as the best academy for fresh talented players.

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Manchester United England:manches

Manchester United Football club is also named as “The Red Devils”. Shortly pronounced as MUFC, was laid its foundation one century back in 1878. Manchester United plc is the owner of the academy, while Co-chairmen are Joel and Avram Glazer.

Manchester United earned its name because of its outstanding performances in big events and leagues, including Premier League. MUFC owned 20 titles, standing first among the English clubs. It is the 3 time champion of Europe Cups. Besides, it also won the UEFA Cup, UEFA Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup and FIFA Club World Cup.

According to the revenue generated in 2013-14, MU is the 2nd richest club of the world. It has total estimated revenue of 518 English Pound per annum, standing second in the list of valuable academies of the world.

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Real Madrid:rm

Real Madrid academy of football was established in 1902. The then king gave this academy the title of “Real”, meaning royal in Spanish.

Real Madrid is the world famous, most valuable and richest club in the world. It generate the annual revenue of 550 pounds per annum, standing first in the list of richest academies of football. IFFHS announced this club, “FIFA Club of 20th century” in Dec of 2000. The same agency ranked the academy as the number one among the European academies.

RM qualified seven time for the final of European Club. Out of which RM won five consecutive finals. Also, RM owned a record of winning La Liga title for 32 times.

The name of some of stars players of Real Madrid ( RM ) are, Di Stéfano, Ferenc Puskás, Gento, Raymond Kopa and Santamaría.

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Final Words:

Academies are precursors of the new talent and always worked for their betterment. Young players who seek their success, are brought to their dreams by the Clubs. These clubs are the responsible to make this sport alive in future.

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