Top Ten Football Clubs in the World

Top Football Clubs in the world

It is very hard to select when it comes to best and top football clubs in the world. From time to time football clubs compete with one another to get at the top of the list. In the current year 2014, many football clubs emerged on the top rankings. So we will discuss here some of the top 10 football clubs in the world which are known for their tremendous performance and intellectual teamwork.

1.      Real Madrid

UEFA Super Cup: Real Madrid v Sevilla


When it comes to the top football clubs in the world the Real Madrid holds the first place. Real Madrid features some of the top football players around the world. Real Madrid is also one of the most profitable football clubs throughout the world. In the year 2012-13, Real Madrid generated a total of 519 million pounds of revenue to Europe. Real Madrid had claimed the La Liga title 32 times. Real Madrid is also the winner of 9 Euro Cup trophies which is the record of all times. Real Madrid is no matter one of the prominent football clubs of all times.

2.      Barcelona


The rivals of Real Madrid, Barcelona make their place at the second position in the world’s top ten football clubs. Since 1992, they have won three European Cups. The reason Barcelona is standing at the second position may be directly linked to Lionel Messi, the shining star of FIFA World Cup 2014 and best player of all times. Barcelona had named 23 league titles and several other domestic trophies as well.

3.      Bayern Munich


Munich is the golden European club which holds the third place in top clubs of the world. Bayern Munich club has so far won 23 Bundesliga titles and are the dominators of the Bundesliga for the previous two seasons.

4.      Manchester United


Man U sticks at the fourth position as the best club in the world. Manchester United as always are the giants of the football. Manchester united has large number of Football fans that no other club has. According to a research, Man U has nearly 10 percent of world population as their fan. Thanks to Sir Alex who made the team one of the outrageous teams of all times.

5.      AC Milan


Milan stands at the fifth place in the rankings. AC Milan has proved to be the best Italian football club. But somehow they are no match to their European competitors. However they have claimed 18 titles so far. Now days Milan is not performing with their maximum potential, but it is said that Milan will top the ranking list in the near future.

6.      Ajax


Ajax football club have named 4 European cups so far. Club is known to produce talented players of all time. The reason they are placed in the sixth place is because they are just competing in the Dutch leagues which have reduced the chances of talented player to top the ranking list. If you want to see the example of best teamwork then Ajax is the best example for you guys.

7.      Liverpool


Everyone will be familiar to the England’s most favorite club Liverpool. Liverpool has claimed 5 European cups and eighteen English league trophies. Liverpool is not performing as it should like in 2005 Champions League.

8.      Chelsea


English club Chelsea takes the eight positions in our listings. Eden Hazard of Chelsea was nominated as the player of the year 2014.  Chelsea is the winners of the FA cup 2011-2012 and the winners of UEFA Champions league 2011-2012.

9.      Manchester City


Manchester city is the well known English Football Club. They are the winners of FA cup in 2011. In the same year Manchester City won the Premier League which was their first ever title in the 44 years of history.

10.      Junventus


Juventus Stands at the last position in our listing. It is one of the emerging clubs who have competed well this year through Champions league.

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