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Association football (or American Soccer) is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the whole world today. It has a long history which can be traced back to the ancient times. Present form of European football is the result of continuous evolution which continued to happen throughout the history. Today, there are approximately 3.5 billion fans of football around the globe and the sport is played in almost each part of the world. It is only normal for such a game that records are constantly made and broken. Fans have seen numerous great records, which seem unbeatable, being made. But most of these records were also broken in no time and replaced by new and more difficult records. This process of making and breaking records continues in the game of football; however there are some records which seem unbreakable. These may not be the most outstanding performances or records but at the same time it is true that these records are likely to remain unbreakable in the near future. Following is the list of ten such records which are expected to remain unbeaten. Rest is up to you to decide if these records are likely to remain unbroken in the near future or not.

  • Most goals in one season:

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi from Argentina is among the most famous football player of modern era and has millions of fans around the globe. It is beyond any doubt that he is one of the finest football players, the world of football has ever seen. It is only due to his great performance that he won FIFA Ballon d’Or for four consecutive years from 2009 to 2012. However, this is not the only big record against his name. Lionel Messi holds the record of scoring most goals in one season in the whole football history. Messi scored 73 goals in the 2011-12 football season. These 73 goals involve 50 league goals, 3 cup goals, 17 international goals and 3 other goals. He also won Golden Shoe this year.

It seems impossible that any football player will be able to break this record in the near future. Cristiano Ronaldo, another famous football player, was able to get close to this record in recent times. But he could only score 61 goals in the 2014-15 season. As no other football player was able to even get closer to this record, it is obvious that this record will remain unbreakable in the upcoming years and Messi will remain on the top of this list.

  • Most Participation in FIFA world cups:

Brazil Football

Although Brazil also has a record of winning most matches (70 matches) in FIFA world cups but a record which is most likely to remain unbroken is the number of participations in this mega event by Brazil. The record of most wins i.e. 70 wins can be broken in next one or two world cups as Germany is second in the list with 66 victories and can overtake Brazil anytime in the future. However, Brazil appeared in 20 FIFA world cups, which is most by any team. Germany and Italy are second with 18 participations but this record seems to remain as it is because Brazil is expected to participate in all the future FIFA World Cups.

  • Most world cup matches by individual player:

Lothar Matthaus

It may not be the most important record to know but still it is one of those international records which are expected to remain unbeaten in the near future. German midfield sweeper Lothar Matthaus has played most number of FIFA world cup matches. He appeared in 25 World Cup matches. He had to play five consecutive mega events in order to achieve this record. No other player is expected to play for such long period of time in the near future.

Also remember that Matthaus also holds the record of appearing in most FIFA World cups along with Antonio Carbajal. Both of them appeared in five consecutive world cups.

  • Most goals in a single professional match:

Australia scored 31 goals against American Samoa

It was April 2001, when Australia scored 31 goals against American Samoa in a qualifying match for 2002 FIFA World Cup. On the other hand, American Samoa failed to score even a single goal in the whole match. This is the highest number of goals scored by any team in a professional football match. Similarly, it also led to the record of highest margin victory in a single match. This match is considered to be the most unbalanced match in the history of the game and also led to great debate. It is rather obvious that this record will remain unbroken for many upcoming years.

  • Most individual goals in a single match:

Archie Thompson

It was the same match (discussed in point 4) when the record of most individual goals in a single football match was made. Archie Thompson of Australia scored 13 goals in this match to break previous record of most goals.

It is only logical to consider this record as unbreakable as scoring 13 goals in a single match by one individual player seems near to impossible, no matter how great a football player maybe.

  • Most international goals:


Ali Daei from Iran holds the record of scoring most international soccer goals. He scored 109 international goals in his 149 international matches. Ali remained active between the years 1993 to 2006 and had a very good average of 0.73 goals per match. Although many other players have better “goals per match” average but still no one was successful to score more goals than Ali Daei. This is because of the fact that most players don’t play such huge number of international matches. Therefore, this record will remain unbeaten in the near future.

  • Fastest hat trick ever:

Hassleholm’s Magnus Arvidsson

Often we see that hardly two or three goals are scored in a whole football match. There have been numerous instances when match ended at 0-0 goals. On the other hand, sometimes players score hat trick of goals in one match. But you might be surprised to know that the fastest hat trick in a football match was scored in only 89 seconds (less than one and a half minute). It was Hassleholm’s Magnus Arvidsson who scored this hat trick in 1995 in a match against andskrona. It was a second tier Swedish match. It is obviously difficult for any other player to score such as a quick hat trick in the future.

  • Shortest time to red card:

Lee Todd

Not a very proud record to have but still Lee Todd holds such a record that is expected to remain unbroken may be for the whole future football life. It may be a real surprise for you if you didn’t know this earlier that the shortest time period in any soccer game before a red card was issues is only 2 seconds. It was in 2000 against Taunton East Reach Wanderers when Lee Todd was issued a red card only after 2 seconds of the start of the game.

Now just think yourself if this is even possible for someone to be issued a red card in only one second, as this is the only way to break this football record.

  • Most goals scored by goalkeepers:

Rogerio Ceni

Well, goalkeepers are often known to save other teams from scoring goals. However, there have been few rare instances in soccer when goalkeepers scored goals for their team. It is Brazilian Rogerio Ceni who holds the record of scoring most goals in combined national or international matches for his team. He has so far scored 128 goals.

No currently active player is anyway near to Ceni in terms of goals scored. Therefore, it is safe to consider this record remain unbroken in the long run.

  • Youngest player to debut in professional football:

Mauricio Baldivieso

Mauricio Baldivieso is a Bolivian midfielder and he became the youngest player to play professional soccer match when he played for Aurora against FC La Paz, only at the age of 12. It is highly unlikely that football fans will see someone even younger than Mauricio Baldivieso playing in professional football leagues. Therefore, the record of being youngest football player is likely to remain with Mauricio Baldivieso.

It has been seen from above paragraphs that some records may not seem the most brilliant records but yet it becomes impossible to break these records. Either positive or negative, people often remember players only due to such unbreakable records, even after decades of their retirement from professional game. Such players should be respected and remembered as they provided great entertainment to all the football fans.

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