American Football Rules And Regulations

American Football Rules And Regulations

Every sport has rules and regulations for fair game play, and to avoid complexities in the game. Rules are to equalize both the teams taking part in any sport, it may be football, hockey, cricket or any other game. Another purpose is described to reduce chances of injury to the minimum. Assuming for the moment that, there are no rules in the sports .We will come to realize the maximum aggressions and injuries. Because every player would go beyond any limit to make his team win.

So rules are applied to maintain the game a source of entertainment and positive thoughts.


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It is necessary to have a knowledge of the major rules of every game, you interested in. Because playing a game, without knowing its rules will never let you enjoy rather one will always be fed up despite utilizing best of energy. It will totally be a fatigue rather than a fun.

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Same goes with the American football. Rules and regulations are devised differently for all the games. There are certain rules recognized on international level for all sports, particularly for American football. There are certain rules that is the base of entire American football. National or international leagues are compelled to follow the same, while some rules may be modified by different leagues according to their need and desire. So, American football has its own rule formulated to apply. Here I will acknowledge some of the American football rules and regulations.2

Total Duration For Gameplay:

Professional type of American football and college football has duration of one hour. Which is devided into four equal quarters of 15 minutes.

In case of tie match, over time is given to have a result of the match. Even then if a game is tied then, sudden death rule is applied in the situation. And 15 minutes are allotted there. Match will be officially declared as tied if it again repeat the same result.

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Coin Toss:

Commencing of game relies on the toss, which is tossed 3 minute earlier then the starting time. Winner of the toss will have to decide, wheather they want to start first or second half.

For Scoring Points:

Team will be given ten points, when it have either threw the ball to the end of opponents or just carried ball to that spot. This points is termed as Touch-down. Now after touch down, the team have opportunity to score further points that are not allowed in other situation. This extra point or after-touch down point may be taken by kicking ball to the end spot between the goal’s posts.

There is a choice for the team feeling difficulty or want intentionally to score goals between the posts. In this way three points will be given to scoring team. This goal is generally named as field goal.

The best way to score goal is done by tackling of defenseman to the offensive player. But this point is not always allotted, rather it has some conditions. That is, if offensive player is struck to the end zone and can’t get out of there, then defenseman can tackle him to score two points for the team. This is somewhat easy as compare to other point scoring methods. Because, the player who just arrived to score point for opponent will fortunately be caught, under proper planning.

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Rules During The Play:

Ankles, wrist and all organs like these, except hands and feet are not allowed to be touched to ground, will be counted as DOWN.

One of the main rule, that keep the game going on and on is, to carry the ball forward to minimum of 10 yards in maximum attempts of four. For the easiness of the regulation, ground of football is lined at every interval of 5 yards. So crossing 2 lines surely counted to be 10 yards. In this way players can have some planning in their mind to keep game continue.

Contrast to this, If a player fails to carry ball upto 10 yards within 4 attempts, then the play stop on the very moment and ball is handed over to the other team.

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One of the wonderful tragedy of American football seems, when defense become offence. It so happen that, when a team carrying ball in opponents end point fail to move forward 10 yards in opponents end, then ball will be given to opposite team. Here the point to have under consideration that, a player can never move more forward to the end point. So he must have to gain a score or he has to defend the ball by giving it to the other’s team player.


There are also some other rules that are also the part of games. Rules are devised for the easiness of the players and not to increase the difficulties in the gameplay. So following them will surely make the sport a a source of really entertaining, enjoyable and amusable fun.

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