The Most Dangerous Moments In Sports History

The Most Dangerous Moments In Sports


Sports are fun. Some people play sports to gain physical fitness while others aim for glamour, money and respect through sports. Different sports have become multi-billion dollars industries in present era. Millions try to become top class professional players while thousands succeed in gaining all the glamour out there. Hundreds of TV channels broadcast these events and billions of people around the globe watch them. So, overall sports are cool and entertaining. Sometimes fan become sad as their team loses or their favorite player fails to perform better. Similarly, there have been events when fans were devastated by tragic happenings in the game. At times players are injured while there are some rare occasions when players had to lose their lives. Different sports have claimed dozens of life in the history. Here is the list of 8 of the dangerous moments in the sports history which left audience in sorrow and pain.

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  • Phillip Hughes:1

Phillip Hughes was an Australian test cricketer who lost his life while playing a domestic match last year. It was not only about cricket fans but his death left all sports fan in a state of mourning. Hughes’s death got huge level of national and international media coverage. Philip Hughes was playing Sheffield Shield match against New South Wales. It was the afternoon session when a bouncer from Sean Abott, a New South Wales bowler, struck his neck. He was severely injured and collapsed In spite of wearing a cricket helmet. Hughes was rushed to St. Vincent’s hospital where he died after two days. The death of Phillip Hughes is considered to be the most tragic sports incident of the decade.

Many cricketers and other sports players and fans paid huge tributes to young cricketer who had died in the sports ground.

  • Alan Smith:2

The left ankle of Alan Smith got dislocated during a match against Liverpool in 2006. He was playing for MU (Manchester United) in the FA Cup. The injury happened when Smith rushed to block a free-kick from John Riise. It was “One of the worst” injury according to Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United manager.

Unlike most other seriously injured players, Smith was hugely motivated and determined to fully recover and make a comeback. He did make a comeback seven months later.

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  • Dale Earnhardt:3

Dale Earnhardt was a professional race car driver from the United States and was famous for driving NASCAR’s top stock cars. During his professional career as car racer, Earnhardt won 76 races and seven championships. It was in 2001 Daytona five hundred race, when his car moved away from the track in last round of the race. Earnhardt lost control of the car and was hit with car number 36. Initially, the viewers and commentators considered it to be a minor crash but it was realized to be a serious and tragic incident , after people saw Earnhardt’s critical condition. Dale Earnhardt couldn’t survive such serious injuries and died. It was another black day for sports fans.

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  • Reggie Lewis :4

Reggie Lewis is another sportsman who died on the sports ground. Reggie Lewis played basketball for Boston Celtics team for 7 consecutive years from 1987 to 1993. His career average points per contest remained at 17.6. Lewis scored seven points in fifteen minutes, in his only All-Star NBA game. It was 27th July of 1993 when Lewis suffered from sudden cardiac arrest during a practice match. Reggie Lewis died on the spot.

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  • David Busst:5

Even if not life threatening, some injuries are known to end careers of various professional sports players. David Busst is one such example. Busst played football (American Soccer) for Conventry City. It was the day of April 8 in 1996 when Conventry City played Manchester United in Old Trafford. While going for a loose ball during corner, he got sandwiched between Manchester United’s Denis Irwin and Brian McClair. It resulted in terrifying compound fracture in his right leg. Peter Schmeichel, the opponent’s goalkeeper was reported vomiting on the ground after seeing such a horrific injury.  It took more than 10 minutes to clear the blood and to resume the match.

Various subsequent operations failed to completely recover Busst, and later he was left with no option but to announce retirement from the game.

  • Rashad Johnson:6

Rashad Johnson plays American football for Arizona Cardinals. His injury during the third week of 2013-14 season of NFL was one rare event when a player lost tip of his finger. The incident happened when he jammed his hand in the ground. His team members, however, showed massive support for him. They came out with artificial fingers made up of foam, with middle finger tip ripped off.

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  • Becky Zerlentes :7

Death during a boxing match is not a very new thing for boxing fans but it was for the first time in 2005, when a female boxer died due to injury during a bout. Becky Zerlentes was an award winning boxer, a college professor and the first female boxer to die in a bout. “Blunt force trauma to the head” was the official cause of death. Heather Schmitz hit a devastating blow to her head and she collapsed in spite of wearing a protective boxing headgear. Physicians rushed towards the ring but failed to bring her back into conscious. She died few hours later. According to some media reports, Zerlentes had already decided to retire from boxing after this bout.

  • Evander Holyfield:8

Mike Tyson is considered to be among top athletes, the world of boxing has ever seen. He was also known to attract large crowd and viewership during his boxing era. At the same time, it is also true that there was no stopping him when Tyson was in his top form. At times, his opponent, the referee or even the sport regulations were unable to control him. That is exactly what happened during his July 1997 bout against Evander Holyfield. Until it had happened, who would have believed that Tyson would bite Holyfield’s ear. Referee deducted Tyson’s two points and resumed the matched. Tyson again did the same and the referee was left with no option but to stop the bout and disqualify Tyson.

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