Sports Headphones
Sports Headphones

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Sport Headphones

The difficulty in finding wireless sport Bluetooth headphones lies in the quantity of existing models. No doubt, there are number of sports headphones available in the market and it has become hard to choose one from them that best meet your needs and requirements. So what you need to do so in this situation? You just need to make it sure to see the latest top sport headphone reviews and buyers guide online. There are number of online websites available that posted latest Amazon top product reviews and buyer’s guide. The buyers trend is one from them that also updated every month when it comes to latest Amazon top product reviews and buyer’s guide. Along with top product and buyer’s guide, we also determined the necessary criteria to take into account before purchasing such a product.

Essentials for Best Bluetooth Sports Headphones

The character “Wireless” and “true wireless”: the “true wireless” headsets do not have a cable or connector to pair them and operate fully thanks to Bluetooth or NFC. The “cordless” are connected to each other by a wire located behind the neck or above the head. Most brands now offer models of wireless earphones and Bluetooth headsets (with or without noise reduction).

Resistance: “IP” means “Ingress Protection”. In other words, it is the protection index which makes it possible to assess the resistance to solid or liquid elements (such as sweat, water or even dust). The PI is made up of two numbers: one which indicates the level of protection against solid particles such as sand and dust (from 0 to 6) and a second which indicates the resistance to water (from 0 to 9).

Battery life: the average wireless headset is generally five hours. Many manufacturers provide a charging case that allows you to store and transport them while recharging them.

The maintenance: the latter will determine the loss of the atria or not. It is essential that they are well integrated in the ears to avoid this scenario. On some models, an application allows you to find the headphones in the event of loss, via an audible signal.

Connection quality: there is a gap between Bluetooth (which may however tighten with Bluetooth 5.0) and NFMI, which offers a more stable connection with less latency. NFMI is more often found in high-end models.

Comfort: generally, brands offer different sizes of pads or several silicone tips to offer the best possible ergonomics.

Sound quality: this includes the quality of bass, bass, treble, etc. An equalizer helps balance the sounds. Either the model is already set, or it offers to customize it using its application.

Noise isolation: some earphones work well in a quiet environment but have poor insulation in a noisy environment. Total immersion is favored by models with noise reduction, but then check if they have the Hear Through function, which gives the possibility of hearing ambient sounds while keeping the earphones.

According to Jacques (High-Tech Guide), to choose your pair of headsets, you must also be attentive to options such as the volume remote control, the quality of the microphone or the storage space of the headphones.

We started from around fifty products on the European market and we reduced our selection to 10 of them thanks to these criteria.  Finally, consulting the opinions of users, blogs, forums and English / French speaking sites, also allow us to establish a review and buyer’s guide for Bluetooth headphones for sports people.

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