Oldest Sports all over the World

Oldest Sports all over the World

Our love towards the sports dates back to 4000 BC. There was a time when people used to play sports when there was TV or cameras. Time by time these sports adapted cultural and other changes and now these sports are present with new names and rules but the basic mechanic is same which existed in the ancient times. In old times these sports might existed for just fun purpose but now they are adopted as career and profession by the people who love them. Here are some of the oldest sports all over the world.



Wrestling is the sport which you will see in most of the movies that represent the ancient culture and history. The purpose of the wrestling in old times was to see which person is strongest than the other. Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of combats in the history of mankind. In ancient Olympics, wrestling was loved by most of the people. Old Ancient theatres of Rome and Egypt show that Wrestling was among favorite sports of that time. In present time wrestling is among the top favorite sports around the world.



Running is one of the most popular sports in the history. People of Ancient Greece used to prefer running as their major sport. In Ancient Olympics of Greece 770 AD, Running was among the top sports played at that time. S

Long Jump


Most of the people there might think that what kind of sport jumping is? But it is one of the toughest and oldest sports in the world which dates back to 656BC. Long jump was played by the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. In long jump the person who leaps the longest distance by jumping wins the competition. Jumps are mostly measured in foot plus inches the jump has been made from the takeoff point. Researchers believe that ancient people used to cross ravines and streams while making long jumps which gave birth to the Long Jump sport. In present times long jumping is the part of Olympics.

Javelin Throw


Throwing a javelin surely looks like an ancient sport because in old time people use to hunt animals by throwing the javelin. In this sport athletes have to throw the javelin as far as it is possible. Ancient Rome gave birth to the sport of Javelin where light weight javelins were thrown at the far away targets. In Ancient Olympics javelin throw was an important part of the event. In modern Olympics it has the same values.



Polo is the sport that was mostly played by the royal families and kings in the old times. At that time normal people could not take part in this game as it was limited to the higher authority only. In polo both the teams ride on the back of the horse and score goals against each other using special type of sticks. The Ancient Sassanid dynasty used to play polo which dates back to 4th century.

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