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Professional Photographs for Your Sports or Cultural Events

Taking photographs at sports events can be particularly difficult: it requires a lot of attention and concentration, but also a high precision to take pictures at the most appropriate time. Being specialized in reporting photography, I am used to such situations and will know how to capture your exploits and make you a hero by allowing you to keep the memory of your every move. You can appeal to me whether you are a private individual, or an association, a sports club.

I accompany you on the occasion of your various tournaments or competitions to carry out a complete report of the event and put my experience at your service by proposing solutions adapted to your needs. You can already see in my portfolio some examples of sports shots made by me, to get an idea of ​​what I can offer you in this area. Photographs in color, in black and white, focused on one person in particular or highlighting the whole group … everything is possible and flexible according to your wishes! Do not hesitate to contact me so that we can discuss about your project and do everything together so that you can keep the best memories of those moments charged with adrenaline! Now what: Are you organizing a sports or cultural event and are looking for a sports photographer?

Professional photographers in Denver Colorado like Rocky Mountain Aerials travel throughout USA to cover your sport, professional and associative events. With the appropriate material for your event, I realize neat shots by bringing my touch of creativity to deliver at the end of the event professional quality photos with a high impact for your communication.

Why call a professional sports photographer?

  • Professional equipment adapted to any situation offering an irreproachable image quality.
  • The assurance of dynamic and professional shots.
  • A mastery of light and its environment.
  • A careful editing to sublimate each photo.
  • Keep track of your event to communicate effectively.

You’re Report between Good Hands

Professional sports photographer, I always have 2 cameras during my reports. This allows avoiding the risk of technical failure but above provides flexibility and avoids working to change too regularly lens allowing to be more focused on reporting.

Since 2016, I am registered with the DGAC as a professional drone operator. During my missions, I can take aerial shots according to the legislation to give a heavenly dimension to your events.

Special attention is given to the security of your files. During the report, the memory cards are regularly changed thus reducing the risk of memory card crash. In this way, if a memory card failed, most of the story would not be impacted.

Having the attention to detail, I give great care to editing your photos. Each photo is carefully retouched and many parameters are adjusted to get the best of your photos and offer you after the report, high quality shots.

Expertise Field

  • Competitions / sporting events
  • Cultural events (theater, concerts, performances, events …)
  • Corporate EC (outdoor activities, seminars …)
  • Extreme sports (aerial shooting, underwater shooting …)

The calendars of the photographers reserve themselves well in advance! Many weddings occupy many Saturdays of the year; remember to book your day as soon as possible to ensure my availability.

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