Top Ten Popular Sports in the World

Popular Sports in the World

Sport activities can be traced back to ancient times, we can say that back to 2500 BC. In that age gymnasium was the most popular sport of its time. Sports at that time were simple and were played for entertainment and to improve skills.

In the modern world of today there are many sports that are listed to be most popular among people. Everyone list the sports he/she loves to be the number one on their list. But here today we will discuss the most popular top ten sports in the world that are played and watched by millions of people throughout the world.

1.      Soccer or Football


Yes! As always the football holds the first position in our list of top ten sports in the world. The reason it holds the first place lies in its easy formation. Other thing besides this is it has easy rules to follow and every player gets the chance to play during the entire game play. Football is the game which is loved by both the European and Asian countries. There are hundreds of football clubs in the world among them Manchester United, Barcelona, and Real Madrid have millions of fans in the whole world.

2.      Cricket


Cricket holds second position in our listings. Cricket is the national game of England and its history goes back to 17th century. Cricket is very popular as a street sports in Pakistan, India, England, Bangladesh, England and Australia. Cricket is played at county as well as international level. In the present times England and India are considered to be the top teams in the world.

3.      Tennis


Tennis holds third position in our listing. Tennis was famous at the times of King Louis X who had an indoor tennis court in his castle back in the 14th century. Tennis is a sport which features solo competition and the reason for its popularity is that it is the game which is never dominated by the single.

4.      Hockey


Hockey dates back to 3rd century BC where as it got it original shape in the late 19th century. Hockey is the national game of Pakistan. Pakistan and India has the best players in the world for this game. But in the present times, Netherlands and Australia dominate this game. Hockey makes 4th place in our popular top ten sports.

5.      Table Tennis


Table Tennis is among popular sports in China. Besides China, Europe and Asian countries have also adopted this game quickly. The reason for popularity of this sport is also same as football like easy rules and cheap equipment. This game is highly dominated by Chinese women players.

6.      Volleyball


Everyone is familiar with volleyball. Whenever you go out to beach you always play a match of volleyball. The simplicity and easy formation of the game made it widely acceptable all over the world. Volleyball was first introduced in 1964 Olympics games.

7.      Golf


Golf has a history which goes back to the 13th century when it was not played as a sport. But in the late 14th century it was considered in the category of sports in Scotland for the first time. The reason we have listed this game at the 7th place is due to its indirect nature of play. In golf, players do not come in direct contact during the game which lacks the sense of competition. Tiger Woods and Arnold Parmer are the famous players of golf.

8.      Baseball



This game originated from England and is offers unique play for both the batter and the pitcher. Baseball is the national sports of many South and Central American countries. In Japan this sport have millions of fans. Cuba is dominant in this sport by winning number of medals in Olympics while Japan stands at number second in the baseball. New York Yankees is one of the popular teams in baseball.

9.      Basketball


Basketball developed in the late 19th century in America. After that it spread slowly in the other countries as well who dominated this game by the time. Countries such as Australia and Argentina have developed outstanding talent in basketball besides America. Basketball stands at the number 9th in our listing.

10.  American football


American football is the game which originated in United States. It has nearly 400 million fans around the world. Game is popular in America, Europe and Japan. There are eleven players per side in this game. American football is dominated by American players.

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