Top Ten Sports played in UK

Top Ten Sports played in UK

UK is the home to a huge number of sports. People in the Kingdom love to play sports whenever they get free time on holidays. In this article, we will discuss the top ten sports played in the UK.

1.      Football


Football is one of the most popular sports loved and played in the UK. There are traditional leagues organized in the UK and there are hundreds of clubs. Manchester United and Liverpool are among the top clubs. Premier football league is also organized in UK which consists of top 20 teams of of the country. The most famous cups are the Capital one and FA Cup. Football is one of the oldest games played in the UK.

2.      Cricket


Cricket is the national game of the UK. It was from the United Kingdom that cricket expanded to the rest of the world. Cricket became popular in 18th century in the UK. There are thousands of cricket teams in all over the country, most of them are operating from England. Every year first class county championship is also organized. County championship is the oldest championship in the history of UK.

3.      Badminton


Badminton is in the top most played games in the UK. In 1893 the first Badminton Association of England was established in England which acts as the governing body of badminton throughout the world.

4.      Tennis


Tennis is the game loved by probably every English. Wimbledon, the most popular tournament of tennis, originated in the late 19th century. Wimbledon not only attracts a huge number of tourist and sports freaks from around the world. Besides this, Lawn tennis is also played there.

5.      Rugby


Rugby is not only the favorite sport of USA and Canada but is also played in the UK. In the earlier times, rugby was mostly played by the elite class in England. But as the time passed the sport became popular in all classes in England and all over the UK. In UK the Rugby Football League serves as the governing body of the game. Yorkshire and North West England are the places where rugby is mostly played.

6.      Baseball


Just like in America and Canada, Baseball is also very popular sport in the UK and is played in most parts of UK by young players. It is also believed that Baseball originated from England. People in Wales and England love to play Baseball.

7.      Golf


Golf is one of the mostly played sports in the UK. It is mostly played in Scotland where there are more than 398 golf courses. The biggest event of Golf in UK is Golf Open Championship.

8.      Ice Hockey


Ice hockey is played at a very high level in England. It works according to the policies of International Ice hockey federation. Ice hockey is also one of the emerging sports in the UK. Great Britain’s National ice hockey team is one of the popular team of Ice hockey in UK

9.      Swimming


Everyone loves to swim in the UK. Therefore, swimming is also one of the most performed sports activities here. Swimming tournaments are organized by BOA (British Olympics Association). Swimming is one of the highest revenue generating sports in UK.

10.    Basketball


Basketball is also the part of mostly played sports in UK. Mainly in the UK, Basketball is played in London, Wales and Yorkshire. Basketball teams from England also participate in International Basketball events as well.

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