Top Unexpected Fantasy Football Sleepers

Top Unexpected Fantasy Football Sleepers:


Fantasy football is the sport of interest and popularity all over the world. There are frequent ups and down during the gameplay.

Sleepers are the players that change the game in unexpected way. Before going into detail of top fantasy football sleepers, let me explain what actually “sleeper” term is.

Sleeper is the term use in the fantasy football, for the player who is left out by the Team managers and are picked in draft at very last moment. While the important thing that make them sleeper is their unexpected performance and ability at crucial time of play that make them distinct in the eyes of onlookers. Their sudden and shocked performance make their career full of future joy.

Here are some of the fantasy football sleepers that really deserves to be listed there.

1-Devonta Freeman:


Devonta is an American citizen born in 1992. He represented university of Florida in college football events. Now, He is playing for Atlanta Falcons as a running back player. In 2014 he was picked up by the falcons 4th round of NFL drafts. Which was 103rd overall draft being chosen in that year NFL. Later on, he become a player of demand, due to his outstanding performances that outclassed the opponents in many games.

2-Kyle Daniel Rudolph:


He is an American player, representing Minnesota Vikings as tight end player. In 2011, he was chosen by the Vikings in second round of NFL drafts. That was 43rd pick of that draft of NFL. He was also selected for 2002 NFL Pro bowl.

According to, Rudolph is the 20th best rookie of the year 2008. In that year, he was also reported as the best tight end player.

He started his college football career by representing Notre Dame University. And participated in Army All-American Pro Bowl of 2008.

He has 9.6 average of reception and has caught twenty six passes in about 250 yards.

3-Trence Tre Mason:

Tre Mason

Tre is the running back player for the team of St. Louis Rams of NFL. He was picked p by the Rams in third of pick in 2014 NFL Drafts. That was 75th drafts of the NFL that year.

In his gameplay against Seattle he covered 85 yards for 18 carries in that particular run. While in another game played against Denver, he ran for more than 110 yards.

In college football career he played for Auburn University. The best of his college career was the run of 96 yards for one touched down against Utah State.

4-Justin Scott Hunter:


Justin is an American wide receiver player born in 1991. He left the college and announced to join leagues, then he played as a wide receiver for Tennessee Titans of NFL. He also got his fame because of his long jump ability. Which made him to play for U.S in 2010 IAAF Championship.  He was chosen in second round of 2013 drafts of NFL. Which was 34 overall draft of that year.

His career as junior include total of 545 yards and 34 passes. While as a senior he ran for 746 yards and received 46 passes against 9 touch downs.

5-Andre Rishard Williams:


Williams represented New York giants as running back player. This American player was chosen by the team in 4th round of previous year drafts of NFL.

He also played for Boston College and qualified for being the finalist of Heisman Trophy. In 2013, he was declared as the best running back player of fantasy football of the nation. Due to which he won 2013 Doak Walker Award. His career include the total run of 2000 yards that make him to stand among 16th players of NCCA historical run.

 Final Words:

These are the some of the players that will surely be a topmost priority for the team owners to own for any next NFL event.

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