How to Learn Swimming with Rules

Swimming is one of the most interesting and important physical activity. No one is born with the art of swimming but anyone can learn possibly to swim. Swimming can be a fun but if you are stuck in the middle of deep water with no knowledge of swimming then you may risk your life. Swimming is just about remaining calm in water with some knowledge of basic strokes and learning more advanced skills time by time. We will discuss with you some of the basic rules of swimming which may help you swim like a fish later in your life.

1.      Don’t get afraid of water

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Most of the people have fear of drowning in their mind. But with safety measures you can minimize the effect of drowning on your mind. Make sure if you are a beginner than never swim alone. Try to be with a person who is a strong swimmer. Secondly don’t start your swimming lessons in rivers or oceans or your will be washed away by the moving water or tides. Try to stay in the water in which you feel comfortable and don’t step towards the deep water.

2.      Practice floating

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So first lesson is floating, stick to one side of the swimming pool and let your legs flat freely. Once you let them float they will automatically come over the surface of the water. Try to practice this on your back and stomach until the lower half of your gets used to it. Keep in mind practice floating in shallow water so that you can stand up if you think it is not working out. At first you might feel that you are drowning but you will get used to it in no time. Try to put your arm straight away making a “T” shape.

3.      Practice Exhaling

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After you have practiced floating over the water the next thing is to control your breath under the water. Take a deep breath in the air and get down in the water. Once you are in the water exhale out of your nose until you are out of breath and then get up again. If you are feeling uncomfortable by exhaling through your nose then you can exhale through your mouth as well.

4.      Practice kicking

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Stick to one end of the pool and make your legs pointed straight from your hips to toe and then gently kick just below the surface of the water. Keep practicing until you come up with it. Just make sure that your toes are pointed like fins and your legs are stiff and straight otherwise you will fail to perform a better kick.

5.      Crawling

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For the beginners crawling is one of the most important techniques to learn. Float on to the water with your legs straight and one arm out of the water and the other straight along your head. Now cut the water gently with the arm out of water entering it straight back next to your head. Similarly move the other hand out of the water and repeat the process again. The combination of crawling and kicking make a free style swimming lesson which is for the beginners. Practice these rules and you will learn to swim in weeks or so.

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