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Shahid Khan Afridi Cricket Career Profile

Sahibzada M. Shahid Khan Afridi, or simply known as Shahid Afridi, is a true definition of words like “Legend” and “Super star”. He is known to be among those batsmen who introduced aggressive batting style in the game of cricket. Often known for his huge sixes, his unofficial title of “Boom Boom” became very popular. Born in 1980, Shahid Afridi ...

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Top Ten Richest Ice Hockey Players In World

Richest Ice Hockey Players Ice Hockey may not be as popular as games like Football or Cricket but surely it has a good fan base in North America and Europe. Highest level of this game is considered to be National Hockey League and players playing in this league earn a lot of fame and money. This is the list of ...

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Top Cricket performances that went in Vain

Table of Content [TOC] Introduction Cricket is considered to be one of the funniest sports played at international level in today’s world. This is not because some kind of comedy is involved in the game of cricket but because of the fact that often result can’t be predicted until last ball has been bowled and played. Teams have been seen ...

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Top ten unbreakable records in cricket history

Unbreakable Cricket  Records Table of Content [TOC] With estimated fan base of 2.5 Billion people, Cricket is considered to be the second most popular game in the world. Its history date back to 16th century and it is mostly popular in Asia, the United Kingdom and Australia. Cricket fans have seen numerous records being made and broken throughout the history ...

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American Football Rules And Regulations

American Football Rules And Regulations Every sport has rules and regulations for fair game play, and to avoid complexities in the game. Rules are to equalize both the teams taking part in any sport, it may be football, hockey, cricket or any other game. Another purpose is described to reduce chances of injury to the minimum. Assuming for the moment ...

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Highest 5th wicket partnerships in ODI cricket

Highest 5th Wicket Partnerships Cricket is well known international game. It is national game of England and many Asian countries like cricket very much. Batting is most pleased part of this game and two batsmen make partnership to score runs. Partnerships are really important in ODI cricket and it is key factor in success if any team, many times top ...

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