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WrestleMania 33: The True End Of An Era

Undertaker Wrestlemania

Undertaker Wrestlemania 33: The sequels continue to follow the epilogue of WrestleMania 33. One that many, including a server, thought it would not happen. Basically, because Roman Reigns did not have the legitimacy to be the last rival of The Undertaker. Maybe we just meet in terms of WM, since Taker himself said that the “Show Show” would no longer define his career. But with the passing of ...

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The 20 Greatest Rivalries Of The Undertaker


POSITION NUMBER 20: THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR In an unforgettable edition of Paul Bearer’s “Funeral Parlor” in April 1991, Warrior was attacked by Taker and locked in a coffin. After that night, Warrior was no longer the same, so he convinced Jake Roberts to help him on this mission, and that’s how he got his coffin, and filled it with venomous snakes. But ...

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