Ping Pong True Tennis Variant
Ping Pong

The Ping Pong, a True Tennis Variant

Ping Pong True Tennis Variant: The Ping Pong True Tennis Variant also known as table tennis , is a particular sport, played with rackets and free form design. Although it is widely known in Asia, especially in China, table tennis has become widespread as a sporting activity all over the world, due to the low complexity required for its performance and the possibility of playing in close encounters.

As occurs as in the classic tennis games ping pong can be held individually or in pairs. In either case, the goal is to ensure that the opponent fails to return the ball to the opposing field after no more than a single bite in the area of ​​the game table.

It is emphasized that when the ball hits the player’s own field when taking out, or hits the net or their partners before entering the opposite sector of the game table, the execution of a new serve corresponds. With double faults in the serve, the initiative is transferred to the rival team.

The game ( in September in formal terms) comprises a total of 11 points, as long as the difference reach 2 units. Like the partial draws of classic tennis, a potential marker equalized in 10 points requires to continue the dispute of new units until one of the competitors is imposed by a difference of 2 points. The International Federation of Table Tennis can hold meetings of 3, 5 or 7 games depending on the context and the tournament.

Between July and August 2012, fans of table tennis will enjoy a new participation of the best players in the world on the occasion of the edition of the Olympic Games in London.

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