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Rio Tennis

Rio, The Last Time We Will See The Great Roger Federer

The Great Roger Federer: Will this be the last great season of Roger Federer as a professional? For some years now, at least 2014, tennis fans ask ourselves that question. 2016 seems to be the definitive year because it is Olympic.

For some time Federer himself speaks of Rio as his last chance to hang the Olympic gold medal in singles, the last great challenge in tennis that is left to the Swiss to conquer.

Roger Federer live an intense love affair always with the Olympics . In Sydney 2000 he met his current wife, the Slovakian Mirka Vavrinec. In the next two editions, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008, was the standard bearer of his country, and in 2012 resigned to be so to give greater visibility to other compatriots of his (collected the witness his friend Stanislas Wawrinka).

His results in the Olympic appointments are within the reach of few athletes, as he accumulates two medals, an important fourth place and some other Olympic diploma, but, knowing the quality of the Swiss tennis player, is not enough.

Roger Federer has this year the target Rio between the eyes , he has been repeating for some time. In Brazil he turns 35 and he would be “wonderful” and hopes to achieve “something extraordinary” in which presumably will be his last Olympics .

Roger Federer will contest the Olympic tournament in an individual category, trying to recover from the defeat in the Olympic final against Andy Murray, on the same track in which he had won his seventh Wimbledon weeks and beat Pete Sampras in number of grandslams (17 For the Swiss by 16 for the American). Since then, Roger Federer does not rise with any big tournament. His most important titles have been champion for two consecutive years at Cincinatti, one occasion (2014) in Shanghai and the Davis Cup 2014.

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Fall And Resurgence Of Roger Federer

Resurgence Of Roger Federer

Roger Federer

In the last two years, the tennis world has seen more and was more frequent than Roger Federer did not appear in the final rounds of major tournaments . In the Wimbledon 2013 edition he was eliminated in the second round after having played 36 consecutive grandslams, reaching at least the quarter-finals, and since that tournament he has been eliminated before the quarter-finals on three occasions out of the nine grandslams played until date. Precisely was the year 2013 the worst of his career. He did not reach the final of any grandslam and finished the year out of the top five ATP players for the first time for more than a decade. At the beginning of 2014, it even reached eighth place in the ATP ranking.

Many then predicted that it was the end of the Federer era in world tennis. The fierce competition he had had with Rafa Nadal for years, the change of mentality that was already glimpsed in Djokovic and has made him the best tennis player in the world ever since, and the settlement of Murray as a top player, in addition to The presence of other great players like Wawrinka, Berdych, Ferrer or Nishikori, made to think that the end of Roger Federer was near.

Those who predicted an end missed, and all tennis fans breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we would continue enjoying the Swiss master for a few years . 2014 ended with Roger Federer winning for the first time the Davis Cup next to Wawrinka and losing the final of the Masters Tournament against Djokovic. That earned him to become the second best tennis player in the world in 2015.

2015 has been a year that perfectly sums up everything we want to tell in this article. He finished the year as number 3 in the world, was not able to win any grandslam but he was a finalist of two of them, Wimbledon and the US Open, and also the Masters Tournament. In all of them he was defeated by Novak Djokovic; In the other major tournaments, the Masters 1000, emerged victorious in Cincinatti, reached the final in Indian Wells and Rome, and in the rest was eliminated in the first rounds. He also won five minor trophies.

Federer realized in 2013 that his body no longer gave him to play all the tournaments at the highest level, so select in detail which of them wants to get to the final rounds . This year has begun reaching the final of Brisbane, Australia. In that tournament he lost to Milos Raonic. In 2015 he was able to take the tournament in front of the same player.

By 2016 we should expect a similar year to the previous two, with a quiet Roger Federer, consciously choosing which tournaments he wants to play at the highest level. For sure, the grandslams will continue to be his favorite booty, although at the level that Djokovic is demonstrating these last two years it seems a hard task to make him knee.

The first chance to see the last great Roger Federer is the Australia Open, which begins in a few days, but certainly the grand finale will be the Olympic Games in Rio . With an Olympic gold medal in the category of doubles with Wawrinka in 2008 and an Olympic silver achieved in London 2012, the Swiss want to end their love affair with the Olympic Games to participate in up to three modalities : individual (its main goal), The men’s doubles (next to Wawrinka, which is still not confirmed) and another big surprise, mixed doubles, along with the unforgettable and great doubler Martina Hingis.

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