Biography of Ray Mysterio

Biography of Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio was born in California, United States. He is famous for his working history in WWE. He has made lots of effort to build his professional career as wrestler. Ray Mysterio is Mexican-American Professional wrestler. Since 2015, he is working with Lucha Underground. He worked with WWE from  2002 to 2015 and best known for this duration. He is known by ring names Colibrí, La Lagartija Verde, Rey Misterio Jr.,Rey Mysterio and Rey Mysterio Jr. Over here, We will discuss biography of Rey Mysterio.

He started his professional wrestling career in Mexico in 1992. He kept working there till 1995. From 1995 to 1996 , he joined ECW team and offered his services to that organization. From 1996 to 2001, he was signed to WCW with name Ray Mysterio which is known in spanish as King Mystery. Rey Myterio is famous for high flying style, this was really helpful in revolutionizing cruiserweight wrestling in United States. In WCW, he was famous for having the greatest high flyer style in the history of wrestling. 

He started his career in Mexico when he was 14 years old. He was trained by his uncle Rey Mysterio Sr. He got married tto Angie in 1996. He has two children a baby boy name Dominic who was born in 1997 and baby girl name Aaliyah who was born in 2001. He loves his children and wife so much even he has tattoos his children’s names on his left and right bicep. And He also has tattoos dedicated to Angie, his wife.

Rey Mysterio with his family

He used to wear mask earlier so later than it causes anger to his fans at lunch libre when he violated tradition, Due to these angered fans, he received permission to wear the mask again form official organization of Lucha Libre and then he had not removed his mask for tradition matches too. In 1999, he expressed his disappointments about being unmasked. He said that WCW don’t understand what is the value of this mask to him, his lovely family and his fans. He said it is bad move by WCW. His fans really wanted to see him with the mask and it is huge disappointment for them to see him unmasked. He said that he has no option either he was able to keep his job or his mask, so his fans will understand that.

 He has lots of famous finishing moves in wrestling .

  •  At WWE, Diving Splash while spring boarding, Frog Splash, springboard headbutt and Frankensteiner.
  • At ECW, WWE and WCR Springboard leg drop.
  • At AAA, Flip piledriver.

His signature moves in wrestler are:

  • Ambar known as hammerlock
  • Arm Wrench in cradle.
  • Head scissors take down.
  • Bulldog and Drop kick.
  • Arm Drag.

In WWE, he is known by nicknamesThe Ultimate Underdog. And he is also famous as  The Master of the 619 and The biggest little Man. He achieved lots of awards and title in overall wrestling career. In WWE, he won Heavyweight championship two times, cruiserweight championship three times and intercontinental championship two times. He won tag team membership four times with his team members Batista, Rob Van Dam, Edge and Eddie Guerrero. He also won 21st trip crown  championship.


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