Baron Corbin

Corbin Will Face Cena At SummerSlam – Will He Then Collect The Briefcase?

Since losing to Shinsuke Nakamura, John Cena has no official rival for SummerSlam , but precisely since that match , it has been an open secret that will be the current holder of the Money in the Bank briefcase, Baron Corbin .

Corbin, who looked like Nakamura’s rival for the summer event, will now be Cena’s rival, PWInsider has reported .

The encounter will be interesting not only for what it means for Corbin to face who has been the face of WWE throughout the century, but also for the possibility that later try to collect the briefcase in the encounter between Jinder Mahal and Nakamura ( or even in The Lesnar-Reigns-Joe-Strowman bout ).

Corbin could lose the fight and successfully collect the briefcase, or, beat Cena and fail to collect the briefcase. In both cases his image would not be affected, since he would only have to increase the intensity of his aggressive character.

Of losing the fight and failing to collect the briefcase, Corbin could be relegated to share destiny with Damien Sandow .

As for John Cena , on the other hand, he is already beyond good and evil, so he does not affect or benefit from the outcome of any struggle.

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