Invincible Goldberg

Few Wrestlers Who Defeated The Invincible Goldberg

Bill Goldberg had a short WWE career. Still, he excelled in a short period with his brisk tactics to pin down any opponent in a matter of few minutes. Who can forget that championship streak of Goldberg that remained for more than a year. In 1997-1998 season, Goldberg started it by defeating Hugh Morrus by pinfall, the win streak for one to one matches continued for 173 matches, a world record yet to be broken. Goldberg had not lost any match from September 22, 1997, to 21st December 1998 when he won the last game of the streak from Scott Hall. The streak ended after losing to Kevin Nash after 155 matches. With powerful wrestling skills combined with power and stamina, Golberg is one of the greatest, and he proved it when Goldberg defeated The Beast, Brock Lesnar in a matter of seconds.

Who Beat Goldberg

Who Beat Goldberg

Including Kevin Nash breaking his winning streak. Here are few wrestlers who beat Goldberg by pinfall or submission.

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  • The first one to do it was Kevin Nash, defeating Goldberg and a legendary 173-0 streak was one of the heroic moments for Nash in WCW. Kevin became WCW champion after winning a prolonged and painful match from Goldberg.
  • A year later, a rivalry between Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Bill Goldberg was at its peak. Both were in form and shape. For the US Championship, Hart defeated Goldberg three times, though one of the victories were assisted by two other superstars, still, Bret was better than his counterpart in those three matches.
  • For another WCW title, Booker T, the champion at that time and the challenging opponent Goldberg were in a severe verbal fight that resulted in a great match for the WCW title. Booker T was victorious in the game. Before the match, Goldberg attacked Booker’s brother and later involved in the arena with Goldberg.
  • Goldberg’s fight with Scott Steiner was the ugliest brawl in WWE history. Everyone was against the Goldberg, when Goldberg was on the verge to defeat Steiner, Russo, WCW president entered the ring with a baseball bat, though it was a no disqualification match. It ultimately resulted in a loss for Goldberg.
  • In Summerslam 2003, The game faced Goldberg in a steel cage fight. Both were the toughest contenders of WWE at that time, Goldberg, as always had a little edge over Triple H in the game until Ric Flair handed Triple H a sledgehammer to win the game.

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