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John Cena Will Fight For Raw After SummerSlam

Many fans are wondering why a dream match like John Cena Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura was stipulated for an episode of SmackDown Live , when it was able to reserve itself for some PPV of enjundia. And the answer may be in the future of the rapper, who will participate in the next big event of Raw, WWE No Mercy (2017) , announced Monday by the company itself .

It remained unanswered if Cena would fight regularly for the red mark if his involvement in No Mercy will be a temporary event or a consequence of his regular schedule. PWInsider reported yesterday that the 16-time world champion will make his return to Raw after WWE SummerSlam (2017) . Despite being labeled a “free agent”, with a status that the company did not specify at the time, his days on SmackDown, as well as on the ring ( in his own words ), are counted.

PWInsider says Cena is scheduled for all televised red shows after SummerSlam until September 24 , the date of No Mercy. And remember that on August 27 will have another Dream Match with Samoa Joe during a house show, so he would also be present at non-televised events. The only program to be missed is on September 18, due to his commitments to China’s blue cast tour.

In any case, under the “official” schedule, Cena will become part of Raw after August 20, which also leads to speculation about their fight within the great summer event. Surely, it is a struggle back and forth, without a wide angle, because its subsequent march would prevent any long history. Baron Corbin has many ballots to occupy this stage today.

Will Cena then spend his last regular year around the orbit of the World Championship? Hard to predict if the record of Ric Flair will be overcome, but it is also difficult to believe that the face of WWE does not have a reign anymore. Roman Reigns craves the rival for the final torch pass, which we may witness at WrestleMania 34 . The summer rumors open many doors from next year, but it is clear that, like The Undertaker , by his condition of “free agent” Cena is already considered by WWE as a living legend .

A lot of fans of the IWC will demand a step in the shadow of the rapper, after more than a decade grabbing almost all the protagonism possible. However, here we have the great unknown: to know what will be the McMahon product without its biggest hen of golden eggs since Hulk Hogan . Because right now, WWE does not live its best moment. Precisely now, when the top leadership has realized that Roman Reigns is not John Cena .

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