Spain Beat Serbia In Ice Hockey – Ice Hockey Match

Ice Hockey Match: The Spanish Ice Hockey Team has beaten the Serbian Team, in a very tough match at the Under-20 Ice Hockey World Championship, held in Logroño.

Ice Hockey Match

Ice Hockey Match

Ice Hockey

At 20 o’clock sharp, one of the most important matches in the Sub-20 Ice Hockey World Championship for the Spanish National Team, Serbia. The party started with the typical nerves in this type of appointments, but the Spanish team only needed 8 minutes for April the score at the hands of Oriol Rubio (MVP of Spain in the match), assisted by Bruno Baldrís and Marcos Sánchez. Only two minutes later Marc Paul assisted by Ignacio Granell and Alfonso Garcia managed to open gap in the score with the second so much, still in the first period the Balkan team managed a little work Mirko Djumik.

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In the second half, with a more disorderly Spanish game, the Serb team managed to tie the match in the 35th minute at the hands of Vukicevik, it seemed that the ghosts of the past were flying through the Municipal Sports Lobete, but a masterful both Of Alejandro Burgos to pass of Bruno Baldrís and Mikel Mendizabal cleared all doubts ahead of Spain again.

During the third period the Serbian team began to use hardness with a game of the house, but the Spanish team far from frightening and distracted achieved the fourth and definitive work of Mikel Mendizabal, this time attended by Burgos and Baldrís. The final straight of the game remained intact despite the Serbian team pulled six players from the field sitting the goalkeeper.

With this result the Spanish team remains a solitary leader with two wins and 6 points, followed by Korea with 5 points, Belgium with 3, Mexico with 2, Serbia with 1 and Australia with 1.

Tomorrow will be a day of rest and on Tuesday will return the U20 World Championship with an interesting Spain – Mexico at 20h.

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