D-Generation X Defiance

20 Years Of D-Generation X: Defiance And Irreverence Luchística

On August 11, 1997, millions of fans had the opportunity to see the birth of one of the most transcendent factions in the world of professional wrestling: D-Generation X or simply known as DX .

It’s 20 years since they broke into the scene of the then-World Wrestling Federation, making wrestling really become a show. In a great show.

They were a group of rebels conformed by Shawn Michaels , Hunter Hearst Hemsley (now known like Triple H , in reference to XXX) accompanied by Chyna and briefly by Rick Rude . Were given the task of disrupting authority and delight people as well as of course, give a great show on the ring facing practically the whole roster of the company and in addition, crowning their performances getting some championship. In fact, during the existence of the faction as much with its original members as those who arrived later, when forming the DX Army, they were champions in all the categories of the company.

It was not for less. Shawn Michaels was already an idol in 1997, and his personality was perfect for that group, many people said that Michaels did what he wanted, so it did not take much work to bring that to the ring, while Triple H and Chyna began To make a name. With a great physical presence and following Michaels in their walks, they made many turn to see them.

Not only did they mock authority (in this case played by Sgt. Slaughter , an American hero); It was not just raging at Vince McMahon ; Was practically mocking wrestling, yes, with style and grace, and for this DX was great.

The segments between struggles where they appeared took the night. They were fun, they were challenging, they were a mixture of truth with fantasy, because for many, DX was not an interpretation, but the real form of being of its members, who also liked to be the focus of attention.

They were what many wanted to be: free, rebellious and hated. Wrestling has that function, giving the amateur something that can be projected and from there is born his idolatry. DX were the rockstars of the company and behaved as such without any problem.

Under this concept they had, I insist, they could mock practically everything and everything, even wrestling, as when they fought for the European title in an attempt of the authority, represented by Slaughter, to face the group and to separate them, However none of this happened and on the contrary, people raised them even more.

And how not to do it? If it was enough with what Triple H and Shawn Michaels did to remind us that in the end, it was all about wrestling. Their faces, their gestures, their way of working with the public, and the outcome of the fight were the anteroom for the better: the final reactions, with a Michaels crying their defeat and a Triple H doing as it gave the fight more difficult and Important part of his career. And people bought it and raised it and in the end, the laughter of both of them over the ring while Slaughter just looked away.

Who would have seen only the outcome would have thought that it was a struggle where they found everything and that none wanted to lose. Michaels’ crying would have made him think he was defeated by a Triple H from the corner, could not believe that his effort was rewarded with a title.

Already seeing the whole fight, surely his opinion would change.

Something similar was attempted at WCW just over a year later when they faced Hulk Hogan (Hollywod Hogan at the time) and Kevin Nash for the company’s top title, which culminated when Hogan applied the infamous “finger of death” to Cover Nash, leaving him out of action to be the new champion. And then appeared Goldberg , who a week before had lost his unbeaten streak against Kevin Nash, receiving a beating from the nWo. And so, with a humiliated Goldberg, the transmission ended.

The difference is that here people hated that moment and stopped watching WCW forever, because in WCW they forgot that this is wrestling, a spectacle for fans, not a showcase for the ego of the stars.

Admittedly, DX’s incursion into wrestling marked an important reference point worldwide. To date, many seek to imitate this concept of the unruly rebels who pass over all but who have not been able to match the original, because Michaels and Hunter gave people what they wanted, the way their talent Allowed them and the way in which the company suited them.

20 years since this was born, and even when there were other members before Michaels left because of injury, although there were other meetings later, the DX of 20 years ago are the ones who built the way.There will be those who can not understand the relevance of this group and for them I have two words:

SUCK IT !!! … ..

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