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5 × 5: The Best And Worst Of WWE Great Balls Of Fire 2017

Welcome back to this column in which I seek to present the 5 positive and negative aspects of the WWE PPV, in this case WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 . With the weight of a name that was considered ridiculous, this event had to prepare a big poster to be taken seriously. In my opinion one of the best events exclusive to Raw, but is not getting the credit it deserves.

Let’s start with the best and worst of WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017:


5-Betrayal without great fruits

The fight met its goal, which was to be a squash . The problem is that , despite the victory, Big Cass does not seem to be benefiting much from the breakup . His new entry theme is extremely generic and his character no longer has charisma. On the other hand, the overwhelming defeat only increases Enzo Amore’s empathy. My prediction is that Enzo will try to sacrifice everything for a rematch in SummerSlam, which will lead him to bet his hair.

4- Fireballs

At this point, there still seems to be no logical justification for naming a PPV as “Big Balls of Fire.” Yes, in the 50’s the theme of Jerry Lee Lewis was a success, but in the 21st century the name was mocked and was a big bump in the credibility of the event . The phallic logo did not help to reduce the jokes and the ridiculous air of an event that would have felt different under another name.

3- God vs. Atheist

It is notorious when a rivalry arises because of the lack of better ideas. The rivalry between Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins looks like a filling that spreads unnecessarily , at the expense of those involved. Rollins and Wyatt are two characters with very little in common, beyond their past in rival factions, but this was not what was used to ignite the spark of rivalry, but the delusions of grandeur of one that collide with the skepticism of the other. Without his chemistry in the ring being bad, the big question to watch them fight is why should we care?

2- Dean Ambrose

What has been happening with Dean Ambrose is ridiculous, and it is not just that the officers remain annoyed with him , but that the Moonshine has done nothing to shine again . Even though The Miz is in a big moment and the Miztourage seems to function as a faction, the public gave the fight for the Intercontinental Championship the treatment of silence. The character of Ambrose needs an urgent change, for it is terribly one-dimensional . You could try a change to rude, but there is a risk that it will return to the monotony of always, since each of its last rivalries has fallen into an unbearable tedium.

1- The WWE Universe

As in the last Raw PPV, the WWE Universe was one of the biggest problems of the event. I do not mean Dallas attendees, who did a great job, but those who watch the event from their homes. If they wanted something extreme, we had an attempt at homicide, a moment that would have fit perfectly in the Attitude Era. If they were worried about

Samoa Joe being weak, he was about to end Lesnar and has more credibility than ever. If they worried that the veterans overshadowed the young, The Hardy Boyz have passed the torch to Sheamus & Cesaro. If they did not like women’s management, Alexa and Sasha raised the bar. Even so, the criticisms about Great Balls of Fire soon fell, So the question is what else do they want? It’s time to understand that criticizing Raw and praising SmackDown does not make anyone more knowledgeable. The red mark is recovering while the blue is going through a bad time , denying it is simple stubbornness.


5- Women resurge

During the reign of Bayley and its subsequent attempt of revenge, the feminine division of Raw suffered a dramatic fall in terms of quality in the ring and creative handling; Now it seems that women have taken the road again. Alexa Bliss retained in a completely logical way for her character, but Sasha Banks was not satisfied, also logically. The rear-fry stole the attention thanks to the double knee from the comment table, a small sample of the summer female rivalry, which has resumed the brilliant path of Raw women.

4- An intense night

While irrelevance seems to be the daily bread in WWE programs, Great Balls of Fire was full of defining moments for the red mark. Except for a couple of meetings, everything that happened last night will have important consequences for the summer , and there will even be moments that will remain in memory when the New Age is reviewed in the future. The Dallas crowd helped convey this feeling that it was a night full of emotions.

3. The Beast vs. The destroyer

If there was a fight unfairly criticized, it was this one. What we saw was Samoa Joe as a real Destroyer, capable of anything to keep the gold. In fact, no rival had ever mastered Brock Lesnar in such a way, with the exception of Goldberg. Neither Kurt Angle nor The Undertaker nor Triple H did. His sneak attack before the fight positioned him as the dominant figure of the match, and it was Brock Lesnar who had to face adversity to keep the victory. The short duration of the match was tied to the intensity of the match, as in Survivor Series 2016, and concealed the monotony of Suplex City. It is criticized that a single F5 was enough to beat Joe, but what is the problem? That does not take away a bit of credibility. After this struggle,

2- Men of steel

After finding themselves in the fights of stairs, 2-of-3 falls and even inside the steel cage, The Hardy Boyz and Sheamus & Cesaro closed their rivalry with an Iron Man fight. The result was, as expected, astonishing . While the Hardy showed their veteran, the Europeans represented the threat of the new generation and, as such, they triumphed. The story that was told provided a great element of intensity, as it consisted of the Hardy’s desperate attempt to beat the clock after the champions took their lead in the first minute. The four competitors looked great, but it is Matt who has most shone in this new stage. In the end, Jeff Hardy was on the verge of a draw, but the 00:00 arrived in time for Sheamus & Cesaro retained in a fight that benefited all those involved. The challenge now is to continue the good rivalry for both couples in the summer, for both The Revival is the best possible option , as it would take them to the next level.

1- Chaos in the ambulance

I’ll put it in the most direct way possible: Any fan who wants the return of the Attitude Era and not happy with what happened in Great Balls of Fire should reflect on their expectations. The ambulance fight was another satisfying chapter in the rivalry between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman, with all the chemistry these gladiators have shown over the course of the year. The psychology in the ring was phenomenal and the detail that Strowman did not sell the sillazos was great. For neither was easy victory, but the Monster among Men turned out to be the smartest and used the Spears of Reigns in their favor. Here comes one of the criticisms why the ambulance did not start at that moment? My personal opinion is that this was always a part of the stipulation I considered illogical, Because not all losers end up in a bad state, so I do not think a particularly annoying mistake. What happened next is really important, because Reigns showed a change of attitude that many people shouted, whether or not it is a change to rude. The defeat so frustrated the Samoan that he not only attacked his rival, but practically attempted to assassinate him. This adds another nuance to the controversial character of the Big Dog, but surprisingly was realized in such a way that also benefits Strowman, who with his superhuman effort to leave without receiving medical attention now looks like truly indestructible. Maybe WWE usually exaggerates in their statements, but it seems that they have been correct in saying that this is the rivalry that will define the New Age. Nevertheless,

Thanks for stopping to read, remember that this is my personal opinion and that you can leave yours in the comments.

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