5×5: Lo mejor y Lo peor De WWE Battleground 2017


Welcome back to this column in which I seek to present the 5 positive and negative aspects of the WWE PPV, in this case WWE Battleground 2017 . Like the last blue PPV before SummerSlam. Battleground had to close rivalries and open new rivalries for the summer. In my opinion it was a very regular event, where despite the successes were evident the big problems facing the blue brand.

Let’s start with the best and worst of WWE Battleground 2017:


5- Slow pace

For some reason, Battleground was an incredibly slow event. After an explosive start with the couples fight, the other encounters were walking by tortoise , and although the women and Owens / Styles increased a little speed, the evening seemed eternal. The stipulations and the little interest in some meetings did not help much to the final result.

4- Corbin Vs. Nakamura

For their first showdown, Shinsuke Nakamura and Baron Corbin worked well in the ring. It was not the best fight of either, but neither was the worst. At the end of the meeting, however, there is much to be said. Most of the criticism points to the bad handling that has received the King of Strong Style since its arrival to the main cast, but in fact generates one of the best reactions, remains undefeated and a victory by disqualification does not affect its credibility. In my opinion, Baron Corbin, who seems to be getting worse from this fight , seems to receive the treatment of all Mr. MITB, that is, look weak and cowardly until he trades, hoping that the title will give him credibility . Every year experts and amateurs criticize this strategy,

3- The power of love

Just a month ago they came to SmackDown and the Kanellis are starting to get tired. It is not because of Mary’s lack of beauty, or because of Mike’s lack of talent, and it is true that both have the necessary charisma, but what is the purpose of the power of love? For now, it seems that the Kanellis simply serve to annoy the public with their public displays of affection, which is not only ridiculous but repetitive, as each rugged couple does the same. The Kanellis need to develop their character if they want to connect with the audience, and so does Sami Zayn, who has been stuck for some time.

2- Flags

Nothing good could come out of this fight for Rusev, that was clear from the first moment, but the truth is that nothing good came to Cena either. Although both have a decent chemistry in the ring, the stipulation of the flag-wrestling is not only anachronistic, it reduces the possibilities in the ring, turning the fight into a monotonous game of Las Traes. Rusev and John Cena did the best they could, and the result could have been much worse, but the stipulation ruined their return to PPV. And although in the end the Americans could see their flag raised, the patriotic symbol had to be dragged and trampled to make it happen. Of course, the disrespect for the Bulgarian flag mattered much less to them, but being a global company, WWE presented a fight that his international audience (except the Bulgarian) did not care a damn. Nationalism sells in the United States, but it tires quickly in the rest of the world.

1- Where is SmackDown going?

He had already written several months ago that the SmackDown fortress had been since the 2016 Draft, was also his weakness. The blue brand handles its fighters so evenly, that with an equal number of victories and defeats, none stands out. This may seem like a sensible position, but it has reached a point where the scene in the cast is completely flat, no one stands out. The clearest example in Battleground was that of AJ Styles, who had a big win at Madison Square Garden to lose two weeks later to be even with Kevin Owens. But there is also much happening in the women’s division, plagued by mass fights and without a head that stands out, not even its champion. In fact, all divisions are in the same position. Battleground should have paved the way for SummerSlam, but neither the champions nor the contenders look strong, except for the inevitable existence of joobers, the 50/50 SmackDown has left them without big names capable of representing the brand and the company, as if They have the competition. Not to mention the creative poverty that has abounded every week, with segments and repetitive struggles that only seek to burn time until the next PPV , and that leave the Superstars as their only victims. As if they have the competition. Not to mention the creative poverty that has abounded every week, with segments and repetitive struggles that only seek to burn time until the next PPV , and that leave the Superstars as their only victims. As if they have the competition. Not to mention the creative poverty that has abounded every week, with segments and repetitive struggles that only seek to burn time until the next PPV , and that leave the Superstars as their only victims.


5- Opportunities

As I said, no one accumulates victories on SmackDown, but there are those who have more losses than they deserve . Fortunately, in Battleground several of them were able to celebrate triumphantly. Aiden English, Sami Zayn and Natalya won their respective fights, for which they are rarely favorites, and at least in the case of the Canadian this is the beginning of an opportunity that was owed. Hopefully the other two may also have a little push in the middle poster.

4- Fatal Female 5-Way

Despite making history with two MITB fights, the women of SmackDown were not exactly at their best. However, with their Fatal 5-Way Battleground they have returned to level up. Without being a fight of excellent quality, it allowed each of them to show their best qualities . Tamina has been incredibly dominant since her return, Charlotte has more credibility than all the other boards, Becky is the great underdog and that’s why her eliminations were so significant, and Natalya received a win she deserved for some time . As for Lana, it still looks very green, but it is interesting as a character. Now is the time to stop the multitudinous matches and return to the individual rivalries.

3- The Punjabi Prison

This is probably the point of contention in this note, but I must say I was satisfied with the stellar Battleground. It was not difficult to exceed my expectations, low enough to start, but in the end were more hits than failures in this fight . In the negative, Jinder Mahal is not a particularly brilliant fighter, and Orton is not very dynamic; The stipulation is also not particularly attractive and the arena public could barely see inside the cage. However, the handling of the Singh was successful, cutting the monotony and balanced the balance for Jinder. The fall of Samir Singh was great and would have been the great moment of the encounter, had it not been for the return of The Great Khali . It seems that WWE has decided to retake the story with which Mahal debuted several years ago, and is welcome news, because the reign of Maharaja would work to the perfection of being backed by a faction, much more if the giant is in it. The overall result was good but, please, no more Orton Vs. Mahal.

2- Styles vs. Owens

What more can you expect when you face two of the best fighters of the moment? As they had done in Backlash, AJ Styles and Kevin Owens did their best and, like Backlash, an anticlimatic closure was the only mistake . The two fighters showed that they have an elite level either in the air, flush with canvas or with maneuvers of power, and their chemistry in the ring is indisputable. What seemed to be a formality to continue with the reign of Styles, turned out to be the consolidation of Owens like the New Face of America. Owens and Styles are 2-0 in PPV, and although this should mean the end of their rivalry, it would not hurt a 2-of-3 fight at SummerSlam, as they can still give much more than what we have seen in the Past encounters If not, Owens Vs. Nakamura and Style Vs. Mahal sound like good choices for the biggest summer event.

1- The Usos vs. The New Day

Todas las miradas estaban puestas en la Punjabi Prison, las expectativas en Owens/Styles y personalmente creía que Corbin/Nakamura podía sorprender, pero al final fueron las parejas quienes se robaron la noche. The Usos y The New Day abrieron el evento con una lucha que nadie pudo superar en el resto de la velada. Ya en Money in the Bank habían estado a punto de deslumbrar y esta vez pudieron continuar sin el abrupto corte de un conteo fuera. El resultado fue una lucha dinámica, entretenida y emocionante, donde The New Day se coronó en lo que también fue la mejor presentación en la carrera de Xavier Woods, quien cargó el peso de la mayor parte del encuentro y tuvo la dicha de ser quien hiciera el conteo de la victoria. The New Day ahora tiene todo para dominar SmackDown de la misma manera que lo hizo con Raw, pero tiene en frente una división que, aunque pequeña, no es fácil, pues además de los Uso está Breezango y los misteriosos atacantes de la Fashion Police.

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