Alexa Bliss

A Boy Slapped Alexa Bliss In A WWE House Show!

The video of the moment! A small fanatic member of the WWE Universe gave a spanking to Raw Champion Alexa Bliss on a WWE House Show and the act was captured on video.

Although it is not known in which city of the United States occurred, the same is recent and in it can be seen Nia Jax , in its role of protector, loading Alexa Bliss to Backstage after a combat. It was there that the young man slapped Alexa on the butt and the fans went crazy. This is the video with the moment:

At the end of it, you can even hear Bliss asking Nia, “Did you suck my ass?” And even though Nia Jax can not help laughing and reacting with a funny face, because the baby’s act seems to have been full of innocence, the More adult fanatics have come out to repudiate this fact, although there are also divided opinions.

On one hand some say that what the child did was “simply unacceptable” , while others point out that the moment was fun because the child does not know in itself what he does. Others have even gone so far as to seek sexual abuse charges for the child or their parents , for “he is a potential violator . “

Connoisseurs, where are they from? What is your opinion about the boy spanking Alexa Bliss?

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