A Classic Battleground: John Cena Vs. Kevin Owens In 2015

It was one of the best-built rivalries of 2015, and in Battleground, Kevin Owens and John Cena had the final chapter of a trilogy that accomplished its mission : to give credibility to KO in the eyes of the most recalcitrant fanatics of WWE.

Yes, we already know that he was known, he had faced several big industry in the independent scene, such as Shinsuke Nakamura , AJ Styles and even Jerry “The King” Lawler .

But a lot of the WWE audience is not familiar with those guys who on the “indy” ground marked an era, and what better way to do it than a rivalry with the man who had already been 10 years as the face of the McMahon company .

Already in Elimination Chamber 2015 had had their first encounter , with the ingredient to be Champion of NXT against Champion of the United States. Owens showed his skills to dominate the microphone and dominate his character before one of the men who better know that in WWE.

What better way to make a mark to the public than beating John Cena with the Pop-up Powerbomb in the middle of the ring. They are those moments that remain in the annals of history, because they happen times counted. A rude, arrogant character, beat John Cena diaphanously.

In Money in the Bank, came the second chapter , which put Owens as that ruthless rude who had respect for anyone, the maximum act of arrogance, beating Cena after he said “You Belong Here”, then apply Powerbomb on the edge of the ring. A story told brilliantly.

To Battleground, Owens arrived without the title of NXT. I had lost him against Finn Bálor in Japan . The construction of his third battle with Cena revolved around that he had already won this one and now he was going to take away the title that he carried.

Cena thought Owens did not deserve the title; Of course, for his shares in Money in the Bank. But he accepted the challenge because he never backs down.

The Battleground match generated the same expectation as the other two matches. One knew that both Owens and Cena were going to give the all for the whole, getting the best of their repertoires and innovating with movements that rarely or never we had seen them do. That, as a fanatic, you have to thank him.

The fight started in an electric way. Fans messing with Cena as usual, “Let’s go, Cena,” “Cena Sucks.” Padlock to the head by Cena, Owens responds with the contrallave … KO domain in the beginning and people supporting it.

Owens right, Cena responds, Owens right, Cena, Cena Owens, Owens flying kicks, that messes with the public and reaffirms that he is there to disrespect himself and not show sympathy for the face of the company.

Owens says “Let’s go for a ride, Johnny.” He projects it to the cornerback and continues to get into the audience. Breaker on the back with twist and buckler; Owens covers, the bill reaches two.

“Is that your hero?” Owens asked with irony to the people, telling the story not only with movements but with gestures and words, disrespect.

A few short stories to the head of Cena, who tries to respond, but Owens surprises him, intercepts him in a flight, drops it and applies a seat … one, two, Cena raises his shoulder.

Owens shows a bit of frustration and rubs his forearm in the face of Cena, who after an oversight of KO, responds with flying kicks, little seen in his arsenal of moves.

Both fall. After a few seconds they get up, set of ropes and Cena carries Owens in a kind of azotón, showing his strength and another movement that rarely seen in his arsenal. 1, 2 … Owens gets up.

Cena’s guillotine, 1 … 2 … Owens slips. You begin to see Cena’s frustration. He already applied two movements with caution.

It seems that Cena by the “AA”, Owens is released and changes it with a DDT that explodes the detractors of the WWE face … 1, 2 … Cena gets up.

Owens’ right-handers, stay down, right-backs, Owens remains defiant.

Cena manages to recover and makes his characteristic shoulder tear. Rotating twister, prepares for the Five-Knuckle Shuffle, but Owens rolls out of the ring without Cena realizing.

Owens waved his hand at “You Can not See Mee” to Cena. We continue to tell the story of the defiant Owens. Cena goes straight towards him with right that is blocked and answered by Owens. Cena goes to the canvas.

Owens turns deadly to the front, but Cena responds by putting his knees. The rictus of pain is evident in KO.

They get up, Cena goes for the “attitude adjustment” but Owens slips and connects a shoulder-knocked Cena-style. Powerbomb, Owens raises his hand, people roar in KO approval. Five Knuckle Shuffle by Owens.

Owens goes for the attitude adjustment, but Cena carries him on his shoulders, whips him in front of the canvas and applies the STF. Cena tries to keep Owens out of the ropes, but he slips off, kicking him off the corner. Cena’s kick, kick, Owens responds, cuts Cena off, which causes an “ooh” in the audience. 1, 2 … Dinner is off.

“Let’s go, Cena” “Fight Owens Fight” begins the fan war.

Owens raises Cena; Right-hand, sends him to the ropes, pop-up pow … no, dinner is off, paralyzing from the cor … no, Owens intercepts him and applies a German suplex.

Cena goes to the corner, Cannon Ball of Owens … 1, 2 … Cena recovers. Owens shows frustration, he messes with Michael Cole. He turns around, Cena recites a right hand, Owens responds, takes and gives, “boo” “eeh”, depending who hits.

A sunsetflip powerbomb from Cena, unusual in his arsenal, counts … 1,2 … Owens gets up. Cena goes to the corner, tries guillotine and Owens receives him with a powerbomb, 1 … 2 … nothing.

The minutes passed dramatically and punishments multiplied. Finally, Cena surprises Owens by applying the STF, Owens looks exhausted, but he crawls with all his might to the rope. Some shout in support of Cena, others boo, Cena drags Owens to the center of the ring, Owens moves his hands, shakes them resisting, people stand and roars unison. Owens tries to get out of the key but ends up giving up, people get up from their seats. Cena retains one of the most demanding fights we’ve seen. An instant classic. The audience recognizes Cena’s effort. The best Battleground 2015 fight in terms of moves and ups and downs of emotions.

After this fight, Owens was in a small creative bump, but gave a decent fight with Cesaro in Summerslam, while Cena was in a rivalry with Seth Rollins for the United States and WWE titles that finally put Rollins as the future of The company by beating him in Brookly with the help of Jon Stewart.

Thank you for stopping to read and we will see you soon with more fights of dream.

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