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A former WWE Trainer For The Series ‘GLOW’

The universalization of the phenomenon of wrestling every day becomes more evident in its connection with other forms of art. If filmmaking has been an ally for decades, the television series related to that discipline, however, have not been so prolific. This changed last June 23 with one of Netflix’s latest originals, GLOW , based on the history of the Gorgeus Ladies of Wrestling which enjoyed great popularity during the 1980s.

A server has been able to see the first season and it should be said that this is a highly recommended production , with 10 chapters that are devoured without hardly realizing in a kind of tragicomedy for all types of public (ie, beyond fans to wrestling). Recently, two of the main actors in the series, Alison Brie and Marc Maron, were shown by the podcast Sam Roberts . Brie spoke first of a famous fighter who served as coach for the female cast , as the producers wanted to give the maximum possible credibility to the action scenes.

“I know that fans get furious when shows are not represented correctly wrestling! We ourselves were nervous about that! But we trained with Chavo Guerrero Jr. , a professional wrestler who represents a family legacy. His father was a professional wrestler, so it’s an institution. He was a true expert in everything and taught us the movements and their nomenclature. Chavo is the best, and his uncle, Mando Guerrero , trained the original GLOW women , so it’s a great connection. We saw a lot of movements and we put ourselves in a plan, ‘look what a cool move! Let’s do it! ‘ And he would come and say, ‘No, that movement was not invented until 1994. We can not do it in this show. ‘ “

On the original fighters of that promotion, Brie notes that although none is officially represented, there are similarities with some characters of the series :

“No, and it’s important to point it out, because none of those characters’ lives are based on reality … The fact is, the women who auditioned for GLOW, the fighting women who were in GLOW, were not fighters. They were like us . They were actresses who were at different points in their lives and auditioned for this wrestling show and had a very intense training with Mando Guerrero. “

The documentary of 2012, Glow: The Story of the Gorgeus Ladies of Wrestling , was a good introduction for Brie , who spoke of the involvement of the real fighters in the recording of the series:

“I saw the documentary, and it was very interesting to hear all those women talk about their experience working in GLOW, I could get an idea of ​​how successful it was, how fast it connected with so many people. They were very supportive of our series, but the truth is that we did not treat them too much because we did not want to steal explicit details of their lives . Ruth (role that Brie plays) is a character of her own. We did not want to involve any woman in terms of sleeping with a married guy or issues like that, so you’re working on creating your character from the inside out. “

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