Royal Rumble

A Royal Rumble Was Built On The New York subway! (video)

Typical: to travel quietly in the direct metro to work, to the school or to make some visit and to meet with a Royal Rumble improvised with the most iconic stars of all the times in him. Well, maybe it’s not as usual, but what if it did happen? In the next video you will find the answer.

To end the boring daily routine, the friends of the YouTube channel tomhannrivera performed a humorous demonstration of the camp before the eyes of the passengers of the underground line M. Admittedly, not many “spectators” knew how to react or what they were seeing; Now, if he managed to change the usual monotony, that’s for sure.

Surely taking inspiration from the 2008 WWE Promotional PPV (see video above), these boys assaulted the citizens of New York City and, playing stars like Hulk Hogan, The Stone, Steve Austin, Big Show , The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Booker T, Kane (in order of entry) and with referee included, revolutionized social networks and caught the attention of several information portals, some of them non-wrestling.

The form of elimination? Throwing the rival to the outside of the transport. Ah! And the winner would take the WWF World Championship. Undoubtedly, a fun segment that deserves to be seen and even if it is rather homey, it is not far behind with the imitations and the dress of each one. Already without more, here they have it:

Connoisseurs, what do you think about the WWE Subway Royal Rumble? Leave your opinions in the comment box.

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