Baron Corbin

After Fighting with Nakamura, Baron Corbin Shows His Human Side

Yesterday, we saw Smackdown Live the prelude to a fight that was already scheduled for Batleground: Shinsuke Nakamura against Mr. Money in the Bank, Baron Corbin.

However, those present at the AT & T Center in San Antonio, Texas, did not have the desire to watch the match, because once the recording of 205 Live ended, as a non-televised stellar match, both gladiators faced each other.

The fight that you reported the fight was brief and intense, as had been the zafarrancho happened during Smackdown, and in this Nakamura defeated to Corbin by touch of backs after connecting the Kinshasa.

After this, Corbin left the quadrilateral when the cries of some fans stopped him, because the gladiator had taken out of its squares a small one of six years and had made him to mourn. In a little seen act, Corbin approaches and forgets of the personage of rufian that represents in the ring and dedicated to console the young person. The moment they captured the cameras of those present speak of the nobility of the gladiator by giving him the shirt with which presented the gladiator and talk to him and his parents for a few minutes about what happened. The act was recognized with applause from fans who were still in the arena.

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