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AJ Styles: “It’s Not True That John Cena Bury Talents”

With doubts as to whether there was an error by the referee, which may be resolved today at SmackDown Live, AJ Styles lost the United States Championship against Kevin Owens during WWE Battleground (2017) against all odds . An event that had that match as the only unpredictable result of the poster, and that opens the door to a new confrontation between both fighters facing WWE SummerSlam (2017), for redemption of the former champion.
Ultimate WWE Styles-Owens Battleground sequence (2017) – WWE
“El Phenomenal” was recently an illustrious guest of the Sam Roberts podcast , where he left numerous and interesting statements for fans of wrestling. In the first place, Styles spoke of his frustrated fight against Shawn Michaels that could have been given under Royal Rumble (2017) , just to praise HBK’s integrity by not wanting to leave his retirement:

“I’m glad someone asked him because I actually proposed it, ‘can we …? Has anyone asked Shawn? Do not? We can? Can anyone ask you? All he can say is ‘no’. And honestly, I respect him a lot as a man because when he said he retired he complied . It did not return. And I even said, ‘Well, money talks, does not it?’ Not for Shawn Michaels. He is a man of his word and at the end of the day all you have is your word. (The Combat) did not really help either of them, so (Michaels) hit 100 percent and made the right decision . “

John Cena was the next point in the interview , and Styles revealed that most things he’s learned about WWE in a year and a half are due to the rapper:

“I learned a lot from him. These are the little things he does. People will not like this, but I’ll tell you, I ‘d say 90% of things I’ve learned and that I feel have helped me a lot are John Cena . The guy … there’s a reason he’s been able to stay on top for 10 years and do what he’s done in his career. “

Then Styles waylaid Cena accusations as “entierratalentos” , a condition that after his new victory over Rusev on Sunday, is back on everyone ‘s lips:

“It’s not true . It’s up to you, to be able to keep what you’ve ordered after your rivalry with Cena . Exactly, exactly. That is all, and if you continue to do so, you will find a way to get to the point that it is. “

There was also room for Styles to name names he would like to have in WWE , and the focus was on New Japan, specifically, on two ex-partners of the Bullet Club:

“There are many guys who have to be here. I traveled here with Karl Anderson and we talked about Fale and Tama Tonga . I miss these guys a lot, the chemistry we had when we were together was incredible. “

Finally, it is possible to emphasize the moment in which Styles ended up winning to Vince McMahon , in the words of the own ex-ROH :

“Well, I think it was the MizTV segment where I apalised this one . I think that’s when it got into the plan, ‘wow, okay …’ It’s one of those things where you just have to … I do not know … I think Vince likes harsh guys to some extent. And I’m not saying I’m Brock Lesnar , but I’ve fought all my life .

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