AJ Styles: “Shinsuke Is My Best Chance To Star In WrestleMania”

Few fighters like AJ Styles have been able to prove their worth within the WWE in such a short time, and the compliments received do not cease. Ric Flair recently compared him to Shawn Michaels “in terms of work ethic,” which we have seldom heard out of the mouth of this legend. The parallels are always odious, but there is no doubt that “El Fenomenal” can mark an epoch in its passage through the company , even greater merit if we consider that it already adds 40 springs to its credit.

This past weekend, Styles came as a guest to the Wizard World Comic Con in Columbus, Ohio, where he was interviewed by ScreenGeek, who could not help wondering who his favorite rivals in WWE would be :

“There are a few guys that I hope to get into the ring, whether Shinsuke , Finn or Seth . You know, guys like that, or even back to Roman . I love fighting with those guys. “

The interviewer asked for more concreteness, and Styles had to give preference to one of them :

” I choose Shinsuke . I’m sorry, there’s nothing to do with Finn Bálor. The reason I say this is because at WrestleMania, nothing is going to happen between Finn and me. Why? Because it’s in Raw. Shinsuke is my best chance to star in WrestleMania. That is why he will win the championship. I hope he wins and I can get in there and face him at WrestleMania . “

Finally, Styles showed his enthusiasm for the meteoric rise of Japan , which in just four months from its debut, will fight for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam (2017):

“I think it’s great that Shinsuke has the chance to be – I do not know if it’s going to be the stellar bout – but I think it’s great that he’s going to be one of them. This guy has earned it . He has been in Japan for a long time and is very charismatic in everything he does. I’m looking forward to the fight like any other follower . “

The construction of a potential

tyles-Nakamura based on statements by Styles continues unstoppable . If the former TNA already wanted to face it for the United States Championship , now the claim is ascribed nothing more and nothing less than WrestleMania and around the top scepter of the company. This goes back to last April, when it was speculated on the execution of this duel for the next “Showcase of the Immortals” . Again, we must affirm that, if it materializes in the coming months, it would be the best thing for business.

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