Samoa Joe

Al cierre De Great Balls Of Fire: Samoa Joe Ovacionado

Aunque el evento estelar del PPV Great Balls of Fire no logró ser una lucha llena de castigos y llaves, poco se le puede criticar por la intensidad que tanto Samoa Joe como el Campeón Universal WWE, Brock Lesnar, lograron demostrar. En pocos minutos de contienda ambos gladiadores lograron plasmar estar a un nivel muy por encima del promedio del roster actual de la empresa de los McMahon.

It has been commented that Brock Lesnar was happy to find a rival with whom he could be understood from you to you, making punishments of power at his level. That reaction was also shared by the fans, who never stopped supporting at least favorite of the two with songs like the classic (and seldom toned in WWE) during the fight:

“Joe’s gonna kill you . “

But the best reaction came when the broadcast ended and Samoa Joe was left alone in the ring:

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